Unable to run more than two dongles at the same time.

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Unable to run more than two dongles at the same time.

Post by hippy1970 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:17 pm

Hi all,
I am running a websdr server using two R820T. One at 2Mhz wide and the other 2.8Mhz.
The server works well and can be seen here http://ccr.linkpc.net:8901
The trouble is I would like to add more bands, using more RTL dongles, but once I add a third dongle and start a third instance of rtl_tcp I start to get signal caught messages from rtl_tcp and the websdr server is forced to wait for me to restart the rtl_tcp instance.
This seems to happen even if I reduce the bandwidth and sample rates.

I know what you're thinking, too much data for the USB port and a slow PC, wrong! It's high-end AMD 8 Core system with a dozen USB ports, 16GB Ram and an SSD. The OS is a recent install of Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

If anyone can give me a clue what's up I'd be grateful. I've checked pretty much everything I can think of.

Thanks for taking time out to read this.


I have now managed to get four dongles running at once. I managed this by compiling and installing the latest RTL_TCP.
I am now stuck at four dongles. If I add a fifth it eventually works but only after many 'Failed to submit transfer' errors.
I believe this to be an error in my libusb but I haven't managed to prove it yet.

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