Basic pothos topology for TX

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Basic pothos topology for TX

Post by wqcr » Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:26 pm

For several months now, since I purchased LimeSDR Mini, I have been unsuccessful at transmitting.
The plan is simple - I have a I/Q stream from virtual soundcard (L = I, R = Q) which I simply need to "place" on the band.
Turns out that such task is so difficult that
nobody on MyriadRF responded
nobody on pothos-flow responded
and not even some members who might have an insight into this. :(

TX under windows is very limited for Lime platforms, the only "stable" way to do it is through PothosFlow or supplied GNURadio.
SDR Console v3 "promised" TX support for Mini in Dec 2017. No news.
SDRAngel doesn't work on Win for LimeSDR Mini as there's "issue with Zadiq installation".

I tried TX under Ubuntu, this time with real values not I/Q, namely using SDRAngel. It worked for analog audio, to some extent, but as it dropped samples like crazy, my COFDM stream was unreadable. This persisted on multiple PCs, hinting that CPU is not an issue there.

I realize this product is not meant to be substitution for any commercial grade transceiver, and that experimentation is a key here, but MAN if you're hitting the wall so hard from an early start, it gets demotivating quick.
Supposedly to operate SDR TCVR, you are expected to be proficient in DSP, filter design and electronics from the very start.

Can anybody please help me with this?
It would literary made my day to see the I/Q stream readable and on-the-air with no images, aliasing or distortion.

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