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SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:38 pm
by sm4xas

I have a very strange problem. I use SDRsharp with spyserver and now when I try to start SDRsharp all that happens is that the installation of my soundcard driver (Yamaha USB driver) starts. I have tried reinstalling set sharp and the same happens.

Has anyone seen this before ? Any ideas?

Re: SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 1:03 am
by tim_rtd
Go to the audio section under radio and make sure a sound output device is selected. It should not be blank.

Re: SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:35 pm
by sm4xas
The program doesn't start. Only the Yamaha installer. In the config file soundcard is set to Microsoft sound mapper and the default soundcard in windows is not the Yamaha card.

Re: SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:25 pm
by tim_rtd
So are you clicking a shortcut on your desktop or are you clicking the sdrsharp app within its own directory.
If your doing the short-cut, do a properties and make sure its pointing at the sdr sharp dir. Does sound work on any other applications?? Was re-reading your last message....Try re-installing shr# into a totally different directory

Re: SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:31 pm
by tim_rtd
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<section name="frontendPlugins" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler,System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" />
<section name="sharpPlugins" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler,System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" />
<frontendPlugins configSource="FrontEnds.xml" />
<sharpPlugins configSource="Plugins.xml" />
<appSettings file="">
<clear />
<add key="processPriority" value="256" />
<add key="fftOffset" value="-40.0" />
<add key="pllPhaseAdjM" value="0.0" />
<add key="pllPhaseAdjB" value="-1.75" />
<add key="deemphasisTime" value="50" />
<add key="tuningLimit" value="0.45" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.snrGradient" value="FFFFFF,1E90FF,000091,000050" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.gradient" value="FFFFFF,ADD8E6,1E90FF,000050,000000" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.envelopeColor" value="FFFFFF" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.fillColor" value="1E90FF" />
<add key="waterfall.useUtcTimeStamp" value="False" />
<add key="waterfall.gradient" value="4A0000,750000,9F0000,C60000,FF0000,FE6D16,FFFF00,FFFFFF,1E90FF,000091,000050,000030,000020" />
<add key="useAntiAliasedDisplay" value="true" />
<add key="stepSizes" value="1 Hz,10 Hz,100 Hz,500 Hz,1 kHz,2.5 kHz,5 kHz,6.25 kHz,7.5 kHz,8.33 kHz,9 kHz,10 kHz,12.5 kHz,15 kHz,20 kHz,25 kHz,30 kHz,50 kHz,100 kHz,150 kHz,200 kHz,250 kHz,300 kHz,350 kHz,400 kHz,450 kHz,500 kHz,1 MHz" />
<add key="funcubeFrequencyCorrection" value="-21.0" />
<add key="softrockFrequencyMultiplier" value="4" />
<add key="RTLBufferLength" value="16384" />
<add key="minOutputSampleRate" value="48000" />
<add key="minReducedNarrowBandwidth" value="9000" />
<add key="minReducedWideBandwidth" value="120000" />
<add key="minThreadedSampleRate" value="1000000" />
<add key="airspy.vga" value="6" />
<add key="airspy.mixerAgc" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.mixer" value="6" />
<add key="airspy.lnaAgc" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.lna" value="1" />
<add key="airspy.sampleRate" value="0" />
<add key="airspy.decimation" value="0" />
<add key="airspy.trackingFilterEnabled" value="True" />
<add key="airspy.biasTeeEnabled" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.spyVerterEnabled" value="True" />
<add key="airspy.spyVerterPPM" value="0" />
<add key="airspy.usePacking" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.aliasFreeRatio" value="0.8" />
<add key="airspy.debug" value="0" />
<add key="airspyhf.debug" value="0" />
<add key="airspyhf.libdsp" value="1" />
<add key="spyserver.disableAutoScaling" value="false" />
<add key="rdsUseFEC" value="True" />
<add key="timestampInterval" value="100" />
<add key="SDRIQReadBlockCount" value="1" />
<add key="zoomPosition" value="1" />
<add key="displayBeforeFilter" value="True" />
<add key="SDRIQOutFifoBlockCount" value="0" />
<add key="USRPSampleRates" value="0.25,0.5,1.0,2.0,2.5,8.0,16.0,32.0" />
<add key="PluginManager.AllowKeyEditing" value="False" />
<add key="PluginManager.AutoRestart" value="False" />
<add key="PluginManager.AutoSave" value="False" />
<add key="PluginManager.DisableRestoreWarning" value="False" />
<add key="PluginManager.DisableDefaultConfigWarning" value="False" />
<add key="PluginManager.StopRadioOnStart" value="False" />
<add key="PluginEditor.FirstRun" value="False" />
<add key="plugin.bandPlan.enabled" value="False" />
<add key="rtl.tunerGain" value="17" />
<add key="rtl.sampleRate" value="3" />
<add key="rtl.tunerAgc" value="False" />
<add key="rtl.frequencyCorrection" value="0" />
<add key="rtl.chipAgc" value="False" />
<add key="rtl.samplingMode" value="0" />
<add key="rtl.offsetTuning" value="False" />
<add key="PluginManager.RemovalConfirmation" value="True" />
<add key="PluginManager.RemoveDeadEntries" value="True" />
<add key="PluginManager.ShowSaveConfirmation" value="True" />
<add key="RespoitoryEditor.ShowSaveConfirmation" value="True" />
<add key="RepositoryEditor.ShowRemoveConfimation" value="True" />
<add key="RespoitoryBrowser.SaveDownloadedZips" value="True" />
<add key="spyserver.uri" value="sdr://" />
<add key="spyserver.streamFormat" value="3" />
<add key="spyserver.fullIQ" value="False" />
<add key="plugin.bandPlan.autoUpdateSettings" value="True" />
<add key="plugin.bandPlan.position" value="1" />
<add key="RTLTcpHost" value="" />
<add key="RTLTcpPort" value="1234" />
<add key="" value="False" />
<add key="" value="0" />
<add key="" value="-120" />
<add key="" value="20" />
<add key="" value="20" />
<add key="" value="30" />
<add key="" value="5" />
<add key="" value="70" />
<add key="dnr.if.enabled" value="False" />
<add key="dnr.if.profile" value="1" />
<add key="dnr.if.boostSNR" value="False" />
<add key="dnr.if.threshold" value="-5" />
<add key="dnr.if.depth" value="25" />
<add key="dnr.if.attack" value="20" />
<add key="dnr.if.decay" value="50" />
<add key="dnr.if.fft" value="4" />
<add key="dnr.if.quality" value="70" />
<add key="" value="False" />
<add key="" value="5" />
<add key="" value="50.0000007450581" />
<add key="" value="10.0000001490116" />
<add key="nb.demod.enabled" value="False" />
<add key="nb.demod.threshold" value="5" />
<add key="nb.demod.pulseWidth" value="50.0000007450581" />
<add key="nb.demod.lookupWindow" value="10.0000001490116" />
<add key="enableZoomFFTFilter" value="True" />
<add key="enableZoomIF" value="True" />
<add key="enableZoomMPX" value="False" />
<add key="enableZoomAF" value="True" />
<add key="TcpServer.Port" value="20022" />
<add key="TcpServer.Gain" value="0" />
<add key="QPSKRecorderPath" value="C:\Users\tim\sdrsharp-1666" />
<add key="QPSKSearchPhaseStep" value="100" />
<add key="QPSKSymbolRate" value="1" />
<add key="QPSKModulationType" value="0" />
<add key="QPSKserverEnabled" value="True" />
<add key="QPSKFileEnabled" value="False" />
<add key="QPSKConstellInput" value="True" />
<add key="QPSKConstellOutput" value="False" />
<add key="QPSKTrackingEnable" value="False" />
<add key="NotchWidth" value="300" />
<add key="NotchAttenuation" value="-160" />
<add key="trackingFilterEnable" value="False" />
<add key="AsimetricFilterEnable" value="False" />
<add key="IfSpectrumShow" value="False" />
<add key="ifSpectrumPosition" value="1" />
<add key="ShowIFSpectrumBefore" value="False" />
<add key="ShowNotchesOnMainSpectrum" value="False" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.attack" value="0.14" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.decay" value="0.4" />
<add key="waterfall.Attack" value="1" />
<add key="waterfall.decay" value="0.62" />
<add key="useTimeMarkers" value="False" />
<add key="fftSpeed" value="40" />
<add key="fftContrast" value="-14" />
<add key="fftWindowType" value="3" />
<add key="spectrumStyle" value="3" />
<add key="fftView" value="2" />
<add key="fftResolution" value="6" />
<add key="detectorType" value="4" />
<add key="useAGC" value="True" />
<add key="agcThreshold" value="-50" />
<add key="agcDecay" value="500" />
<add key="agcSlope" value="0" />
<add key="agcHang" value="False" />
<add key="frequencyShift" value="0" />
<add key="frequencyShiftEnabled" value="False" />
<add key="swapIQ" value="False" />
<add key="correctIQ" value="True" />
<add key="markPeaks" value="False" />
<add key="fmStereo" value="False" />
<add key="filterAudio" value="False" />
<add key="unityGain" value="False" />
<add key="latency" value="100" />
<add key="sampleRate" value="48000 sample/sec" />
<add key="audioGain" value="30" />
<add key="AudioIsMuted" value="True" />
<add key="windowState" value="0" />
<add key="windowPosition" value="2009,72" />
<add key="windowSize" value="877,929" />
<add key="collapsiblePanelStates" value="1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0" />
<add key="splitterPosition" value="390" />
<add key="iqSource" value="5" />
<add key="waveFile" value="" />
<add key="centerFrequency" value="7166900" />
<add key="vfo" value="7166900" />
<add key="tuningStyle" value="2" />
<add key="fftDisplayOffset" value="1" />
<add key="fftDisplayRange" value="5" />
<add key="inputDevice" value="[MME] Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input" />
<add key="outputDevice" value="[Windows DirectSound] Primary Sound Driver" />
<add key="spectrumWidth" value="2880000" />
<add key="lockCarrier" value="False" />
<add key="useAntiFading" value="False" />
<add key="menuPosition" value="0" />
<add key="wfmState" value="250000,250,3,50,0,1000,1,18,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="nfmState" value="8000,1000,3,40,0,1000,0,12,0,0,0,0" />
<add key="amState" value="10000,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,6,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="lsbState" value="2690,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="usbState" value="5470,1000,3,50,0,1000,0,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="dsbState" value="6000,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="cwState" value="300,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="rawState" value="10000,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,4,1,0,0,0" />
<add key="topSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="bottomSplitter" value="177" />
<add key="leftSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="rightSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="menuIsHidden" value="False" />

Re: SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:06 pm
by sm4xas

I am clicking the SDRsharp.exe file in the directory, not using the shortcut.
Tried downloading and installing in another directory but the same happens.

The soundcard works fine in other applications.

So I must say I am very confused.

Re: SDRsharp starts soundcard installer ?

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:41 pm
by Username
do you have the necessary dll files in the folder?
in my case the dont donwload with the batch file.