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need help plugins

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:30 pm
by ericjoe712
every time I add plugin and add it in sdrsharp.exe.conf it will no load it tells to put them there
here's what it say without edit

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<section name="frontendPlugins" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler,System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" />
<section name="sharpPlugins" type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler,System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" />
<frontendPlugins configSource="FrontEnds.xml" />
<sharpPlugins configSource="Plugins.xml" />
<appSettings file="">
<clear />
<add key="processPriority" value="256" />
<add key="fftOffset" value="-40.0" />
<add key="pllPhaseAdjM" value="0.0" />
<add key="pllPhaseAdjB" value="-1.75" />
<add key="deemphasisTime" value="50" />
<add key="tuningLimit" value="0.45" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.snrGradient" value="FFFFFF,1E90FF,000091,000050" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.gradient" value="FFFFFF,ADD8E6,1E90FF,000050,000000" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.envelopeColor" value="FFFFFF" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.fillColor" value="1E90FF" />
<add key="waterfall.useUtcTimeStamp" value="False" />
<add key="waterfall.gradient" value="4A0000,750000,9F0000,C60000,FF0000,FE6D16,FFFF00,FFFFFF,1E90FF,000091,000050,000030,000020" />
<add key="useAntiAliasedDisplay" value="true" />
<add key="stepSizes" value="1 Hz,10 Hz,100 Hz,500 Hz,1 kHz,2.5 kHz,5 kHz,6.25 kHz,7.5 kHz,8.33 kHz,9 kHz,10 kHz,12.5 kHz,15 kHz,20 kHz,25 kHz,30 kHz,50 kHz,100 kHz,150 kHz,200 kHz,250 kHz,300 kHz,350 kHz,400 kHz,450 kHz,500 kHz,1 MHz" />
<add key="funcubeFrequencyCorrection" value="-21.0" />
<add key="softrockFrequencyMultiplier" value="4" />
<add key="RTLBufferLength" value="16384" />
<add key="minOutputSampleRate" value="32000" />
<add key="minReducedNarrowBandwidth" value="9000" />
<add key="minReducedWideBandwidth" value="120000" />
<add key="minThreadedSampleRate" value="1000000" />
<add key="airspy.vga" value="6" />
<add key="airspy.mixerAgc" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.mixer" value="6" />
<add key="airspy.lnaAgc" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.lna" value="1" />
<add key="airspy.sampleRate" value="0" />
<add key="airspy.decimation" value="0" />
<add key="airspy.trackingFilterEnabled" value="True" />
<add key="airspy.biasTeeEnabled" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.spyVerterEnabled" value="True" />
<add key="airspy.spyVerterPPM" value="0" />
<add key="airspy.usePacking" value="False" />
<add key="airspy.aliasFreeRatio" value="0.8" />
<add key="airspy.debug" value="0" />
<add key="airspyhf.debug" value="0" />
<add key="airspyhf.libdsp" value="1" />
<add key="airspyhf.iqBalancer.buffersToSkip" value="1" />
<add key="airspyhf.iqBalancer.fftIntegration" value="4" />
<add key="airspyhf.iqBalancer.fftOverlap" value="2" />
<add key="airspyhf.iqBalancer.correlationIntegration" value="16" />
<add key="core.iqBalancer.buffersToSkip" value="1" />
<add key="core.iqBalancer.fftIntegration" value="4" />
<add key="core.iqBalancer.fftOverlap" value="2" />
<add key="core.iqBalancer.correlationIntegration" value="16" />
<add key="spyserver.disableAutoScaling" value="false" />
<add key="rdsUseFEC" value="True" />
<add key="timestampInterval" value="100" />
<add key="SDRIQReadBlockCount" value="1" />
<add key="zoomPosition" value="1" />
<add key="displayBeforeFilter" value="True" />
<add key="SDRIQOutFifoBlockCount" value="0" />
<add key="USRPSampleRates" value="0.25,0.5,1.0,2.0,2.5,8.0,16.0,32.0" />
<add key="" value="False" />
<add key="" value="2" />
<add key="" value="-80" />
<add key="" value="30" />
<add key="" value="15" />
<add key="" value="40" />
<add key="" value="3" />
<add key="" value="60" />
<add key="dnr.if.enabled" value="False" />
<add key="dnr.if.profile" value="0" />
<add key="dnr.if.boostSNR" value="False" />
<add key="dnr.if.threshold" value="-130" />
<add key="dnr.if.depth" value="20" />
<add key="dnr.if.attack" value="20" />
<add key="dnr.if.decay" value="30" />
<add key="dnr.if.fft" value="5" />
<add key="dnr.if.quality" value="70" />
<add key="" value="False" />
<add key="" value="0" />
<add key="" value="44.0000006556511" />
<add key="" value="10.0000001490116" />
<add key="nb.demod.enabled" value="False" />
<add key="nb.demod.threshold" value="5" />
<add key="nb.demod.pulseWidth" value="49.7000007405877" />
<add key="nb.demod.lookupWindow" value="10.0000001490116" />
<add key="enableZoomFFTFilter" value="False" />
<add key="enableZoomIF" value="False" />
<add key="enableZoomMPX" value="False" />
<add key="enableZoomAF" value="True" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.attack" value="0.5" />
<add key="spectrumAnalyzer.decay" value="0.4" />
<add key="waterfall.Attack" value="1" />
<add key="waterfall.decay" value="0.92" />
<add key="useTimeMarkers" value="False" />
<add key="fftSpeed" value="40" />
<add key="fftContrast" value="0" />
<add key="fftWindowType" value="3" />
<add key="spectrumStyle" value="3" />
<add key="fftView" value="2" />
<add key="fftResolution" value="6" />
<add key="detectorType" value="1" />
<add key="useAGC" value="True" />
<add key="agcThreshold" value="-50" />
<add key="agcDecay" value="500" />
<add key="agcSlope" value="0" />
<add key="agcHang" value="False" />
<add key="frequencyShift" value="0" />
<add key="frequencyShiftEnabled" value="False" />
<add key="swapIQ" value="False" />
<add key="correctIQ" value="False" />
<add key="markPeaks" value="False" />
<add key="fmStereo" value="False" />
<add key="filterAudio" value="True" />
<add key="unityGain" value="False" />
<add key="latency" value="100" />
<add key="sampleRate" value="48000 sample/sec" />
<add key="audioGain" value="53" />
<add key="AudioIsMuted" value="False" />
<add key="windowState" value="2" />
<add key="windowPosition" value="676,0" />
<add key="windowSize" value="697,735" />
<add key="collapsiblePanelStates" value="1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1" />
<add key="splitterPosition" value="324" />
<add key="iqSource" value="2" />
<add key="waveFile" value="" />
<add key="centerFrequency" value="137400000" />
<add key="vfo" value="136200000" />
<add key="tuningStyle" value="0" />
<add key="fftDisplayOffset" value="0" />
<add key="fftDisplayRange" value="11" />
<add key="inputDevice" value="[MME] Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input" />
<add key="outputDevice" value="[MME] Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output" />
<add key="spectrumWidth" value="2700000" />
<add key="lockCarrier" value="False" />
<add key="useAntiFading" value="False" />
<add key="menuPosition" value="0" />
<add key="wfmState" value="37580,130,6,50,0,1000,1,18,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="nfmState" value="8000,1000,3,50,1,1000,1,12,0,0,0,0" />
<add key="amState" value="10000,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,6,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="lsbState" value="2400,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="usbState" value="2400,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="dsbState" value="6000,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="cwState" value="300,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,1,0,1,0,0" />
<add key="rawState" value="10000,1000,3,50,0,1000,1,4,1,0,0,0" />
<add key="topSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="bottomSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="leftSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="rightSplitter" value="200" />
<add key="menuIsHidden" value="False" />
<add key="spyserver.uri" value="sdr://" />
<add key="spyserver.streamFormat" value="3" />
<add key="spyserver.fullIQ" value="False" />
<add key="plugin.bandPlan.enabled" value="True" />
<add key="plugin.bandPlan.autoUpdateSettings" value="True" />
<add key="plugin.bandPlan.position" value="2" />

what do I put in this to add plugins to sdr# it wont load whatever I put

Re: need help plugins

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:41 pm
by the_tiana
If you are use SDR# on linux

You have to put magic line in the sdrsharp.exe.conf
after this section </appSettings><frontendPlugins>

and to copy dll to /Release folder

I am not 100%sure about this, i also try to install plugins but returning me error

Re: need help plugins

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:54 pm
by ericjoe712
actual I was using windows but I do have Linux but not on my windows pc but I tried another way. plugin isn't showing up I did correctly this time I could tell cause before it wouldn't open sdr# so what's wrong

Re: need help plugins

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:49 am
by rtlsdrblog
What type of plugin are you trying to add? The plugin code should now go into the plugins.xml file.