SDR# Scheduler problem.

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SDR# Scheduler problem.

Post by g6zru » Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:15 am

I am trying to use SDR# with Scheduler to track and download weather sat APT automatically.
It all seems to work except for Noaa 15. At the AOS of the satellite the frequency and bandwidth is set OK and it corrects for Doppler during the pass but the Mode is set to AM instead of WFM, it only happens with Noaa 15.
I have tried deleting and recreating Noaa 15 settings in Scheduler but nothing changes. Whichever satellite follows is correct, it's only Noaa 15 that I'm having a problem with.

Another problem with SDR# is that it "hangs" occasionally, I can get it to restart by unplugging the dongle and replugging it in. It also will not close down, I have to use Windows Task Manager to close it.
I'm using SDR# v1.0.0. 1732 on Windows 10.

Any help would prevent me pulling out any more of my spares hair. :cry:


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