SDRSharp - Won't save settings and crashes when starting

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SDRSharp - Won't save settings and crashes when starting

Post by Sausage » Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:43 pm


I have just installed the latest version (Airspy SDR# v1.0.0.1780).
This is a completely new install and no SDR dongles or software has been installed before.
I am using a generic SDR-DVB dongle.
I followed the steps with the 'Zadic' driver installation which seemed to go exactly as described.
Running SDR#, it starts up and then I select 'RTL-SDR USB Original'. I then press the play button and can tune into a VHF FM radio station.
Then it all goes wrong.
Firstly, if I exit the software and then re-start it, it defaults to 'RTL-SDR TCP' so I have to reselect the USB original.
Secondly, if I press play and listen to a VHF FM radio station, then press stop, without doing anything else, if I press play again, the software crashes, or shuts down, it just disapears. So I have to re-start it and back to square one.
I have also noticed that when it is receiving, sometimes the displayed frequency can be very wrong. For example if I have the display between 87.5Mhz to 89.5Mhz and tune to 89.3Mhz (BBC Radio 2 in my area) it starts to play. I drag the display to put 89.3Mhz in the middle then click on it to centre the receive frequency it then says its on 89.2Mhz! Very confusing.
I have re-installed he drivers and used the latest version of Zadic and still I have the same problems.
Any ideas please

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