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Poor VHF Reception

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 3:12 am
by 9A3ICE
HI All!
I am having a strange issue with my rtl-sdrV3.

I just have noticed that I have a very low performance on VHF and up, up to the point that I cant even pick up FM stations. I am able to pick up my baofeng and icom706 transmitting on 2m ham band but only if I turn on gain. It seems just like its deaf.

The HF with direct_samp=3 seems to be working ok.

Steps I have tried so far:

Remove the bias T inductor (as I think my bias is dead as I measure cca 2v regardless of the bias settings).

Diffeeerent PC.

If anyone has any idea or had a similar issue every information is more likely than welcome!

Stay safe and best regards!
Ivica - 9A3ICE, M/9A3ICE