RTL-SDR.com dongle bias t problem

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RTL-SDR.com dongle bias t problem

Post by bigal1 » Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:29 pm

Hi all i've just purchased an LNA4ALL and had it modded for bias t power and also added the wire bridge between the 2 pads on the rtl-sdr.com silver dongle but am getting no power output through the antenna sma connector so the lna is receiving no power as confirmed by measuring voltage at the lna aswell as the dongle . The dongle is working fine as it should so i was wondering if i have missed anything regarding enabling the bias t power , any tips info would be great thanks .

Update : Thought i'd do a bit more testing with the multimeter and discovered that there is +5v at the input side of L13 on the board but nothing on the output side which i assume leads to the bias t pads so it looks like it might be an issue with L13 ?

Update : The dongle is being returned after speaking with the tech guy as it looks like L13 has gone open circuit .

Regards Alan
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