Getting SDR running

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Getting SDR running

Post by swiftscalpel » Sat May 24, 2014 2:01 am

I have just started to explore SDR and trying to build a scanner as described in ... lice-Radio. I purchased a NooElec RS20T SDR & DVB-T USB stick. The first time I tried this I followed that instructions that instructed me to replace one of the DLL. Since that did not work I deleted everything and follow the instructions that was given in your quick start. loaded the SDRSharp software from The instructions indicated that I should be able to pick up WFM signals. Needles to say nothing but static. I read some where that the blue light on the stick should be on indicating that it is receiving power. Mine is not. I am running Window 7 base system. I did remove all the drivers before reinstalling and did get the message build in interface 0 when I plugged in the usb stick. I did notice that there is a usb_driver subdirectory on my primary drive. In it are USB_receiver_interface(0) files and WINUSB_Generic_devices. Should I have deleted these files prior to reinstalling. Look forward to getting this working. Thanks in advances for any help.


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Re: Getting SDR running

Post by rtlsdrblog » Sun May 25, 2014 4:22 am

There definitely should be a blue light when plugged in, even if the drivers aren't installed. The blue light not illuminating could mean something is wrong with the stick. There is about a 1-2% chance of receiving a faulty stick so contact Nooelec support if you feel it's faulty.

But if you're receiving static the drivers should be set up properly. Did you try increasing the RF gain? You should be able to receive WFM assuming there is reception in your area.

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