4x dump1090 on KerberosSDR

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4x dump1090 on KerberosSDR

Post by Stromeko » Wed May 01, 2019 6:57 pm

Finally received my kerberosSDR yesterday. :D

I don't have the USB-C PSU yet, but running four dump1090 instances just works when connected to a USB3.1 port directly on the PC motherboard (on the frontpanel connector I get it to run, but the devices frequently drop and then reconnect when running the fourth instance). The configuration currently is:
  • * PCB antenna
    * ADSB filtered preamp 38dB
    * passive power splitter (1:2 into two 1:2)
This is already great for determining the best gain value to use, even if I'm not using the coherency. Later on I hope to figure out how to determine the sample offsets (or sync the receivers) so I can merge the four data streams without breaking MLAT.

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