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What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:03 am
by radman
I've purchased the KerberossDR and assembling the other required hardware.

I have been an IOS person so this will be my first exposure into the android world. I will be adding a verizon compatible android tablet to my cellular package. My problem is that compared to the iPad there are so many android tablets available, including some apparent bargains for under $100.

I am willing to buy once/cry once in order to secure the tablet that will properly interface with the KDR.

I'm asking the group for advice regarding size, memory, speed, operating system, brand and any other useful information to steer my purchase.

Thanks ahead of time for your help!

Best Regards from IOS Refugee...Radman

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:29 am
by Username
Get a Windows and you can use any Sotware for SDR Stuff.

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:55 am
by rtlsdrblog
I'm assuming that you want to use it for DFing with the Android app, so just make sure that whatever tablet you buy supports GPS and has a mobile connection capability and ideally has a compass too.

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:42 pm
by radman main use will be DFing

As far as a mobile it possible to utilize a Wi-Fi Android tablet that has an internet connection using an iPhone as a Wi-Fi hot spot?

All thoughts appreciated...

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:15 am
by rtlsdrblog
Good idea. So you would set up the iPhone with the "KerberosAndroid" access point name, and the KerberosSDR would connect to that AP. Then you'd also connect your Android tablet to the iPhone via the KerberosAndroid AP.

I think that would also work just fine.

You should still be able to access the Kerberos's IP since it would all be on the same network. Essentially the same as connecting everything to your home router.

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:29 am
by radman
Could folks that have their Kerberos system up and running with the android app please share with me what specific model Android Tablet and version of Android operating system they are using...Thanks!

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:51 pm
by skysho
Did you ever get any tablet suggestions? I'm in the same boat as you looking for something that works and using my iPhone as a hot spot. Thanks

Re: What tablet would you recommend?

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 11:25 pm
I am using the Samsung Tab S4 with AT&T FirstNet service. It works very well and provides the Wi-Fi hotspot so that mapping functions can be real-time. I will say however, that I am likely going to get a Laptop setup and run an Ethernet cable to the configuration just to improve issues where the tablet will disconnect the Hotspot after a period of time (the KerberosSDR image on a Pi4 will not reconnect if the hotspot turns off.)

I also use a port replicator and connect a keyboard and mouse with power injection to the tablet which helps tremendously. I initially used a Bluetooth keyboard but it was unreliable. Looks like Samsung has the Tab S6 now which is a little faster.