Streamlining startup process

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Streamlining startup process

Post by TowerGuy100 » Tue May 05, 2020 8:43 pm

I understand that this software is a labor of love, and other than paying for the Kerberos (2), I am not entitled to software designed around me. However, now that I have been using it a bit, I would like to offer up a couple of suggestions, in the event someone is looking for ideas.

1 - The big one, allow the sync process without disconnecting the antennas and reconnecting. Takes so much time to disconnect and reconnect every time I wish to try tracking. I have seen in another post that this may be coming, and I CANNOT WAIT!

2 - Change the layout of the pages in the app, perhaps one page that allows you access to all the settings used during startup. Now you must start on first page for those settings, go to second page to sync, then back to first page to change the IQ settings, then the third page to enable DOA. If you need to change frequency or restart, back through all 3 pages again.

Thanks for any continued development on this software. If I could code, I would love to contribute, but I know this stuff is way out of my grasp, so i appreciate the work that is still being done on this.


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Re: Streamlining startup process

Post by rtlsdrblog » Wed May 13, 2020 6:09 am

Thanks, we're working hard on getting those switches ready for production. Initially we'd hoped for mid 2020, but of course COVID and other factors have unfortunately slowed that down a bit. Definitely before the end of the year, and by then we should also have SW ready which autocalibrates everything for you.

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Re: Streamlining startup process

Post by Tom_G0JSV » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:20 pm

Early adopters.

TowerGuy100. I suspect that we both fall into that group called 'early adopters'.

The product isn't quite there. Needs a bit (OK a quite a bit) of tweaking, prodding and poking.

But boy oh boy... even this early version, when set-up properly, blows everything else out of the water (for DF) in my opinion.


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Re: Streamlining startup process

Post by k5cg » Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:25 pm

I've gotten used to disconnecting the antennas after a DF session and then putting them back on after calibration prior another.

I added male SMA to female SMA buffers on all the antenna ports to stop further wear on the KSDR connectors.

I am using two sets of antennas with a common North (front) element; on VHF I use 4 antennas at 50cm spacing and for UHF I re-use the front antenna with 3 others spaced at 20cm, the circumference of which is inside the VHF array.

The next most useful features I could use practically...

1. Frequency agility without having to recalibrate. Calibrate the LO but allow the receiver frequency to be adjusted on the fly.
2. Spectrum display for when you are chasing a fox that is frequency agile - see #1.
3. Audio output of one of the receivers to the speaker jack to assist with tracking down the fox - see #2.
4. Adjustable azimuth offset - so you can point your vehicle at a known transmitter and zero your array - or turn it +/- 45 degrees.

The club I'm a member of has a fox hunt every weekend, usually two transmitters, a VHF and a UHF and there are half a dozen participants using KSDRs by now. There are about 15 teams participating each weekend. We give away a prize to one person from all the log entries each month. Log entries are made by scanning a unique QR code found on each fox box.

Great work and thank you from all of us!

Danny, K5CG
The Richardson Wireless Klub, Texas

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Re: Streamlining startup process

Post by Tom_G0JSV » Thu Jun 11, 2020 5:48 pm


I like your point 4.

Maybe with the new 8 ch version.

4 receivers hooked on to a known.

The other 4 looking for the fox.


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