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Raspberry Pi 4 cannot boot

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 6:50 pm
Hi all!

I downloaded image 1.6.1 and written it with Win32DiskImager.
When I power RPI on, I am getting 4 long and 4 short green flashes (what means Unsupported board type).
I am using 2GB version of Pi 4 model B.
Nothing is plugged into USB ports.
Sadly I don't have MicroHDMI adapter to check what happens, but will get it soon.

But maybe you know how to fix that with no monitor?

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 cannot boot

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:20 pm
Genuine Raspberry image 2020-12-02-raspios-buster-armhf-full boots fine.
What's the problem with 1.6.1 image from Google Drive?

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 cannot boot

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 7:38 pm
Did I understand correctly that the product is raw, unfinished, and has no technical support? I have to fix the errors of by myself instead of developers who for months have not been able to release a correctly working images? Both RPI and Tinker?

:evil: :evil: :evil:

Re: Raspberry Pi 4 cannot boot

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:53 pm
Here are boot errors:
raps-Unsupported-board-type.jpg (223.9 KiB) Viewed 703 times

And here is short text version to make this problem searchable:

Code: Select all

start4.elf is not compatible 0x
This board requires newer software. Get the latest software from:-
And here is a fix:

Download all DAT and ELF files from here ... aster/boot and copy them to your MicroSD card with KerberosSDR 1.6.1 files. Overwrite all files when prompted.