Connection problem and Android application

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Connection problem and Android application

Post by Maginux » Sat Feb 20, 2021 3:50 pm

Good morning all,

I would like some help concerning the functioning of Kerberos via the Android application, I use a Raspberry Pi 3 (v1.5) in USB to make the link with Kerberos. The Raspberry Pi succeeded well in connecting to my phone, but impossible to enter the configuration parameters of the server via the application, on my numerous tests I only succeeded half times, by the time I return to the main page, no more possibility of having access to the parameters (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED), with the address

I don't think the problem comes from an underpower, the Raspberry and the Kerberos work under a "hub" (Pirl Charger) with 2.7A output available per port so that seems to me to be more than necessary.
I also tried via Firefox (still on my phone), there it seems to work, but it asks me for a password and a frequency and I do not remember having to enter the password , except for the wifi access point.

If this kind of problem speaks to anyone, I'll be happy to have a little help; I would also like to avoid having to invest in a Raspberry Pi 4 !

Thanks in advance.

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