SDRSharp - Won't save settings and crashes when starting

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SDRSharp - Won't save settings and crashes when starting

Post by Sausage » Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:43 pm


I have just installed the latest version (Airspy SDR# v1.0.0.1780).
This is a completely new install and no SDR dongles or software has been installed before.
I am using a generic SDR-DVB dongle.
I followed the steps with the 'Zadic' driver installation which seemed to go exactly as described.
Running SDR#, it starts up and then I select 'RTL-SDR USB Original'. I then press the play button and can tune into a VHF FM radio station.
Then it all goes wrong.
Firstly, if I exit the software and then re-start it, it defaults to 'RTL-SDR TCP' so I have to reselect the USB original.
Secondly, if I press play and listen to a VHF FM radio station, then press stop, without doing anything else, if I press play again, the software crashes, or shuts down, it just disapears. So I have to re-start it and back to square one.
I have also noticed that when it is receiving, sometimes the displayed frequency can be very wrong. For example if I have the display between 87.5Mhz to 89.5Mhz and tune to 89.3Mhz (BBC Radio 2 in my area) it starts to play. I drag the display to put 89.3Mhz in the middle then click on it to centre the receive frequency it then says its on 89.2Mhz! Very confusing.
I have re-installed he drivers and used the latest version of Zadic and still I have the same problems.
Any ideas please

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Re: SDRSharp - Won't save settings and crashes when starting

Post by jumper » Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:12 pm

Hi, this is not a fresh question, but maybe somebody else will find the answer usable:

1) defaulting to standard configuration - most probably the sdrsharp crashes during closing, befor the config save function is called. Most probably due to plugin problem. As the crash looks as happens every time, it does not save at all. To avoid this problem try to locate which plugin is faulty. In my case the Accessibility plugin caused many problems so I have removed it and I am quite happier without it. You can do it by editing the plugins.xml file directly with any editor (notepad++ will be better, but normal notepad also will do) or deselecting during installation. You can also only select the dongle and do not do anything else, just exit the sdr# right after this single operation. It helped me.

2) crashing after second try to turn on receiving - may be also the plugin problem, try to install without any plugins (un-check all plugin options during installation). It can be also driver problem or your dongle problem (or it's compatibility with the driver) - try other drivers, not just reinstall driver, but try other (there is few of them on this site)

3) I think it might be because of setting different IF (intermediate frequency) (by moving the center frequency) and some math rounding errors give this shift. You need to understand like the radio receiver works to use this software, so to understand the basic concept like IF, mixing signals, filtering (input, intermediate signal and the final frequency range) than decoding (demodulating - both analog (FM/AM/SSB/CW) as well as digital TETRA, D-STAR etc.) and filtering the voice signal in the end. It will help you to understand what and why is going on, for instance why you see some non existing signals or quite proper signals on very strange frequencies (which my be effect of unwanted mixing two strong signals producing the ghost signal you can see in very stange spectrum place).

Good luck!

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