Integrating UniTrunker with SDR# - need help

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Integrating UniTrunker with SDR# - need help

Post by crossdw » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:10 pm

I am new to SDR and would like to have one interface to be able to listen to trunked radio. Currently, I have SDR# that I use for non-trunked frequencies and then separately use UniTrunker and DSD+ for trunked frequencies. I have been through the list of plug-ins on the RTL-SDR page and found the one for adding UniTrunker. However, the post has some links ( that are no longer available so I can't get the files I need.

1) Does anyone either have these files and can make them available, or has anyone found a way to get trunking working in SDR# and can provide a procedure? I already have DSD+ working in SDR# so if I can get the trunking piece working I'll be happy.

2) Is there perhaps another software that includes the same base functionality as SDR# and includes decoding (like DSD+), frequency management for scanning, and trunking capabilities?


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Re: Integrating UniTrunker with SDR# - need help

Post by rtlsdrblog » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:36 pm

Unfortunately i'm not even sure if the SDR# Unitrunker plugins would even still work. Newer versions of SDR# sometimes break older plugins, and unless the author updates the plugins, they may never work again. I've seen some others try to get this working again, but haven't succeeded. It hasn't come up before because almost everyone prefers to use Unitrunker directly now.

If you're decoding P25, maybe look into SDR Trunk and see if that can do what you want.

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