ADS-B Software - best setup for widest data share

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ADS-B Software - best setup for widest data share

Post by Flexme » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:22 pm

With the recent loss leader sale of a SDR stick with 1090MHz filtering built in for ADS-B reception...

What I am after is the BEST FAQ/Setup Recipe to install the needed ADS-B software dump1090 etc.. and the MOST AND WIDEST feeders for RadarBox, FlightAware etc...

I've seen all kinds of things to set this up for ONE OR THE OTHER of the various ADS-B data sites... BUT none list or outline sending it TO ALL OF THEM.

Thats what I am after, I want to send this data to RadarBox, FlighAware, ADS-B Exchange, OpenSky etc..

Any body and any one that can and will accept ADS-B data I want to send my site(s) to them...

Many/all of these have some very specific setups and./or software for THEIR sites and ONLY THEIR SITES.

I am after sending it to all of them...

Any one done this???? What software and recipe did you follow????

I am looking to do this on RasPi 3B+'s and/or PC's...which will be determined by how load sending to all these site(s) creates and if a Pi can keep up...

Note: This is a Linux only shop! We don't do winslobber! All PC's and Pi's run some form of Linux be it Kubuntu or Raspbian...

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Re: ADS-B Software - best setup for widest data share

Post by Username » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:28 pm

rtl1090 + virtual radar server

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