RDF Compass Issue

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RDF Compass Issue

Post by Corrosive » Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:41 am

First off let me thank you for creating such a awesome project.

I have everything installed and done the calibration, I'm using a new Raspberry pi 3 b+

I set my frequency etc.

I go to the DOA estimation on the web UI and I can see clearly at my signal is being captured from each of the four receivers.

However the compass never animates and is constantly at -78 degrees.

no matter how many times I restart the software change my frequency or other settings it seems that the compass always stays firmly at that spot.


It looks to me that the DOA value is not functional for the compass HTML page


That value html file does exist without ram in the URL


Looks like that is indeed the issue. I think we need to update the image. I'm guessing some files were moved at some point?

After I modified the script within chrome it began to function.
On that note what's the username for the VNC I can't connect.


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Re: RDF Compass Issue

Post by rtlsdrblog » Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:31 am

Yep was just looking at the compass today and noticed that it wasn't working. Will be updating that in a new image version being released next week.

For VNC, it's using the default Raspbian login pi/raspberry. I updated the guide with that info, thanks.

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