Connect SDR to RVR PTX30 "RF Test" port?

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Connect SDR to RVR PTX30 "RF Test" port?

Post by oRiCLe » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:43 am

Hey all, been hunting around for the answer for a while, haven't found a definitive answer yet, hopefully someone here can assist...

I am helping out with a community radio station, it has an STL link to the transmitter tower by means of an RVR PTX30 30W (825MHz/845MHz) transmitter (running at about 6W to the tower), wondering if my RTL-SDR can be connected to the "RF Test" BNC port (internally attenuated -30dB) (connection 8 in diagram)to do some deviation measurements etc of a new signal processor they are installing shortly? and likewise to the FM exciter at the tower, the RF test port which is attenuated -40dB the manual indicates "-40dB to the output power" (around 500-700W)?

If it can be, can it be connected with the antenna connected or need to apply a dummy load adapter?



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