ExtIO_HPSDR# - ExtIO for HPSDR devices (Hermes / Hermes Lite, etc)

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ExtIO_HPSDR# - ExtIO for HPSDR devices (Hermes / Hermes Lite, etc)

Post by qrp » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:13 am

Some time ago I wrote ExtIO for HPSDR protocol. I'm used it for FPGA gateware debugging. I think it may be interesting for someone who using SDR devices based on HPSDR protocol. So, I decided to share it here.

This ExtIO plugin allows to use HDSDR with DDC SDR receivers and transceivers supporting HPSDR protocol, such as Hermes, Hermes Lite, etc.

In order to install, just place it into HDSDR folder, start HDSDR and use menu Options => Select Input => ExtIO to select dll.

This is alpha version, full functional, but UI functions are limited just to monitor communication traffic with transceiver, send broadcast discovery and see details of found devices.

You can switch sample rate through standard HDSDR panel.

Also, you can customize sample rate values of your device in the file "ExtIO_HPSDR.dll.config". It can be very useful if you're using FPGA gateware with custom sample rates. For example, you can set "1200000" instead of "192000" and ExtIO plugin will expect 1.2 MHz sample rate instead of 192 kHz (note with such change you're also needs to use FPGA gateware which provides specific sample rate).

Also you can monitor realtime traffic speed from transceiver in the ExtIO window, it allows to check exact sample rate which FPGA sends to PC in easy way.

With such features, you can experiment easily with FPGA gateware modding, by change CIC and FIR filters, etc :)
ExtIO_HPSDR screenshot
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Re: ExtIO_HPSDR# - ExtIO for HPSDR devices (Hermes / Hermes Lite, etc)

Post by wwwtreo » Wed Dec 11, 2019 1:16 pm

Hi . Thanks for you good job ! Make please new version extio for hermes/odyssey2 , with extended gain control . And other functions - input attenuator and ... etc . Thanks .

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