MSi sdr panadapter problems

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MSi sdr panadapter problems

Post by Brookline » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:46 pm

Hello everybody
I was curious to try listening radio with sdr so i bought recently the sdr key MSi sdr panadapter ... And i can't do it working. Note please it is the first time i try sdr... However i use normal trafic receivers since several years...
I received the device from amazon and the first surprise was the bag did not include the most small paper explaining how to install and how to use ! So i had to look several hours on the web before finding the installation way...
First i tried with HDSDR-rsp1 . Explations for HDSDR-rsp1 on the web are very poor... No details... So i tried various settings with poor results. i used the whip antenna included in the bag.
the problem is a very poor sensivity on all frequencies and the s meter is at 9+20 without signal due to a high noise level.
For example i hear only 2 or 3 stations in the 7 to 5 mhz, very week. I tried to calibrate the s meter with the option menu , that worked, i adjusted the s meter at 1 without signal but after that nothing could be heard!
So i have two questions:
1- there is a light near the antenna plug, this light is always red. is it normal? If somebody has an MSi sdr working!
2-As i am sdr beginner, there is may be a basic settting i did not see...
I have also tried to plug the sdr key on an other usb port, at back of the computer instead the one of the top i usualy use but no change. i have a tower office pc and windows 7-64.
I tried also the sdr with SDRuno but about same problems...
here is a screen copy with hdsdr (msi sdr 01).
Thank you for help.
msi sdr 01.jpg
msi sdr 01.jpg (707.08 KiB) Viewed 9860 times

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Re: MSi sdr panadapter problems

Post by radiolistener » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:56 pm

These Msi.sdr are Chinese clone of Sdrplay RSP1. But it doesn't have filter and attenuator on the input. These clones are not supported officially, so you will need to fight with problems with no help from customer support.

It works bad. I got instance which has terrible pulses at some frequencies, for example at 6000 kHz.

Regarding to sensitivity, it has the same sensitivity on HF (below 30 MHz) as RTLSDRv3.

But on VHF band MSI.SDR has worse sensitivity than RTLSDRv3.

The only pros of MSI.SDR is that it allows to show wide bandwidth spectrum waterfall.

In short, I don't recommend it for listening, it's better to buy RTLSDRv3 it works much better.

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