[HackRF + RTL-SDR] Simulating ADS-B messages

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[HackRF + RTL-SDR] Simulating ADS-B messages

Post by robin12 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:38 am


Firstly, I would like to state that I am a beginner on this wonderful world of SDR:s.
My experience so far includes listening to FM-radio with gqrx and SDR. Worked like a charm. Then I used dump1090 to listen to ADS-B messages from airplanes flying by, which also worked great.

I am now thinking I want to try and simulate ADS-B messages by transmitting them from my HackRF device and receive them with my RTL-SDR using dump1090. Unfortunally, I only have access to one antenna. Thus, I can not send the signal through air and receive it simultaneously. My instinct was then to connect the RTL-SDR dongle input pin to the HackRF antenna out pin. This did not work when using the ADSB-Out package and dump1090. I guess you can not transmit through a cable..

I am now thinking I could perhaps use Gnuradio-companion to build a pipeline that does this. I then noted that there is no component (that I could find) usable as a RTL-SDR sink (thinking osmocom source -> RLT-SDR sink).

So now I am just doubting wheter it is at all possible to do this with software. Can you think of any approaches that might work or is my only option to buy another antenna?


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