Great Antennas for a variety of applications.

Discuss commercial and home made antennas.
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Great Antennas for a variety of applications.

Post by KD7CAO » Sun May 24, 2020 2:18 am

If you are looking for an antenna that is easy to setup and use for a variety of applications then I would highly recommend Arrow Antennas. As an Amateur Radio Operator I have had the pleasure of using a variety of their antennas in both my hobbies and professional life. The team goes above and beyond to make a solution that works for your needs even if that is a custom made antenna.

For instance, I asked if they could make a VHF 4 Antenna Array for the KerberosSDR for direction finding and they rose to the challenge. They have done exceptional work.

If your interest lies in Satellites, the dual band Arrow Antenna Yagi is a great antenna, built in diplexer if you need it or "pigtail" to the RTL-SDR and run it directly off the antenna for virtually no coax loss. The J-Pole antenna is also great for a variety of uses.

The KSDR antenna is located here:
Otherwise the main page has a lot of great antennas:

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