Should the Kerberos power the Pi4 ?

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Should the Kerberos power the Pi4 ?

Post by zanco » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:48 pm

I have strange issues with the Kerberos attached to a Raspberry Pi 4.

The Kerberos has one dipswitch off, so I can use 3 out of 4 receivers, currently with rtl_tcp to switch 3 different frequency bands.

However, if I want to reboot my Pi 4 that does not work with the Kerberos attached. Even after unplugging the USB C power from the Pi4 the power led stays on, I have to unplug either USB to the Kerberos or unplug the power from the Kerberos too.

If I power the Pi4 with Kerberos attached it often won' t boot, I have to remove the kerberos USB cable. have the Pi4 boot and plug in the Kerberos after that.

Is there a circuit diagram available? Looks to me the Pi4 gets power from the Kerberos over the USB cable to the Pi.


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Re: Should the Kerberos power the Pi4 ?

Post by rtlsdrblog » Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:33 am

Try removing jumper JP2 on the PCB (which is next to the USB data port). That prevents power sharing between the Pi and Kerberos.

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