Getting SDR# and RTL-SDR to run on OSX El Capitan with Mono

A few weeks ago Matthew Miller showed us how it was possible to run DSD+ in OSX using a program called Wineskin. Now he’s uploaded a new video that shows how to get SDR# working in OSX El Capitan with Mono. SDR# is designed to be used in Windows, but since it is written in C# under the .NET framework, it should be possible to run it on OSX with the open source Mono .NET implementation. The overall installation is not as straight forward as simply downloading a zip file like it is on Windows, but the tutorial Matthew provides is clear and easy to follow.

The steps involve downloading SDR#, downloading Mono, installing MacPorts, installing PortAudi, installing the RTL-SDR libraries and then setting up some required symbolic links. Finally he shows that to access the RTL-SDR you must first run RTL-TCP and then connect to that using the RTL-SDR (TCP) option in SDR#.



  1. Tom

    overtime I hit the play button after following the above steps the program crashes and closes. Any idea how to fix this?

  2. Jamie Ivanov

    Why is everyone obsessed with making videos? Why not make a static page/guide for those of us who don’t want to watch a video or those of us who are in a place where listening to a video is not an option or too cumbersome? *sigh*

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