GOES-U Satellite Launched and on the way to Geostationary Orbit

On June 25 the NOAA GOES-U weather satellite was successfully launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy rocket. Once it reaches geostationary orbit, this will be a new weather satellite that RTL-SDR hobbyists can receive with an RTL-SDR dongle, satellite dish, and LNA.

From launch, it will take about two weeks for GOES-U to reach geostationary orbit and once it gets there it will be renamed to GOES-19. It is due to be positioned where GOES-16 currently is, and GOES-16 will become the redundant backup satellite. This positioning will make the satellite visible to those in North and South America.

GOES-16 is where GOES-19 will be positioned.
GOES-16 is where GOES-19 will be positioned.

We are anxiously looking forward to the first images from GOES-19 received by hobbyists, but once positioned it will probably take several weeks to be tested and calibrated before hobbyists can receive any signals on L-band. 

Over on X, @WeatherWorks posted a short video showing that the launch plume was visible from GOES-16.

The @CIRA_CSU account has also posted a video from GOES-18 which shows the launch in the water vapor bands

Finally, @SpaceX has also posted a video showing the deployment of the satellite, with an impressive shot showing how far away it is from the Earth.

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