HDSDR Version 2.80 Beta Released

HDSDR is a popular general purpose multimode program for Windows that supports various SDRs including the RTL-SDR. Version 2.80 (beta) of HDSDR was released a few days ago and brings with it a few GUI and feature updates. An extensive description of the changes can be found in the change log, but briefly the changes are:

  • GUI buttons updated to a more modern and cleaner look
  • Improved friendliness to blind users during IQ recording playback
  • A better IQ file player with the ability to loop over a certain time frame
  • Improved snap to frequency option
  • Improved LO tuning with an "autochange LO if necessary" option
  • The ability to sort IQ recordings by date
  • Ham/broadcast band spectrum identifiers added
  • Ability to import the HFCC frequency list into the frequency manager
HDSDR v2.76a (left) vs. v2.80 (right)
HDSDR v2.76a (left) vs. v2.80 (right)


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