Homemade Upconverter for the RTL-SDR Running on a Cellphone Battery

Over on YouTube user ek6rsc has uploaded a video showing his home made upconverter for the RTL-SDR. His upconverter uses a diode mixer design with a low pass filter and 40 MHz oscillator which he obtained from a USB-WIFI adapter. Usually an upconverter is powered by a power plug or USB cable, but ek6rsc has powered his with a 3.7V 860ma cellphone battery. He writes that the battery lasts a long time and helps avoid interference caused by power adapters and the PC. Ek6rsc has also uploaded a second video showing the upconverter in action.

Up-converter for RTL-SDR 40MHZ Lo. & cellphone battery

How work Up-converter for RTL-SDR 40MHZ Lo. & cellphone battery

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For the non USA readers: “cellphone battery” is same as “mobile phone battery”