KiwiSDR 2 Now Available For Purchase

Back in August 2023 we posted about the pre-announcement of the KiwiSDR 2, an upgraded version of the original KiwiSDR. Most of the upgrades are minor or due to some chips becoming EOL. The main upgrades are an enhanced RF front end and the addition of a digital attenuator. One change is also the manufacturing country. Instead of being manufactured in China, the KiwiSDR 2 is now manufactured in New Zealand.

The new KiwiSDR 2 can be purchased from Pricing is $648 NZD ($395 USD) for the full KiwiSDR 2 cape + Beaglebone and enclosure set. The cape by itself is also available for $484 NZD ($295 USD). Currently the second production run is selling, and a third production run is in progress. 

Previously the original KiwiSDR sold for $299 USD. Considering inflation, component changes and additions, and the change to a more expensive country to manufacture in, the price increase seems reasonable. 

KiwiSDR is a 14-bit wideband RX only HF software defined radio created by John Seamons (ZL/KF6VO). The KiwiSDR has up to 32 MHz of bandwidth, so it can receive the entire 10 kHz - 30 MHz VLF/LF/MW/HF spectrum all at once. Other than the specifications, the main interesting feature about the KiwiSDR is that it is designed to be operated entirely as an online web based SDR which is accessed over a network connection. Owners can optionally share their KiwiSDRs online with anyone who wants to access it, which also allows for interesting distributed applications, such as TDoA direction finding, which allows users to pinpoint the location of unknown HF transmissions such as numbers stations.

KiwiSDR 2 with BeagleBone and Enclosure Set
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Peter Vogel

As someone who grew up in NZ, a Kiwi, but now living in the other hemisphere, I would sure like to add this device, with all its capabilities, to my radio room.


Thanks Carl. We worked hard to limit the price increase. The last price from Seeed was $333 USD (still on their website). So our $395 USD is about 20% over that. Our cost for the ADC and FPGA chips doubled post-COVID which didn’t help. Also, we’re not using distributors initially with the double-digit discounts they demand. Shipping and VAT/GST are painful of course. But that’s the reality of cross-border commerce and insolvent governments.

Full feature list is here:

It’s a real pleasure to be manufacturing in New Zealand. We’re using Triode (great name!) in Auckland. Their work is top notch, price competitive and it’s so much easier to communicate with someone local.

Kind regards & 73,