Leif SM5BSZ’s Testing of the Airspy Mini

Over on YouTube Leif (SM5BSZ) has uploaded two videos showing some of his tests with the new Airspy Mini. Leif is fairly well known within the SDR community for writing the program Linrad and for doing various tests on different SDR’s on YouTube and his website. Recently Leif also did some testing on the SDRplay on a previous video.

In his video he shows how to improve the shielding on the Airspy Mini enclosure by ensuring that a good electrical connection is made between the SMA connector and aluminum enclosure. Improving the shielding reduces out of band interference and USB noise.

The Airspy Mini is a $99 USD software defined radio with up to 6 MHz of bandwidth, a 12 bit ADC and tuning range from 24 MHz to 1800 MHz. If you are interested in the Airspy Mini we will also be doing a review of this SDR soon.

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