Meteor Detection with the RTL-SDR

YouTube user Tim Havens has uploaded two videos showing his meteor detection results with an RTL-SDR dongle. Tim uses a stock R820T dongle, and a 6 element yagi antenna with LNA.

For the software he uses Spectrum Lab and SDRSharp.

Update: Tehrasha from the comments section has found a page by Tim Havens showing a little information on his meteor detection setup.

RTL SDR R820T and Meteor Detection

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I need to find out how to “Use in conjunction with a general purpose SDR receiver and pipe the audio output”…

George Smart

On Linux, you can easy load a sound loopback module, using:

“sudo modprobe snd-aloop”

You may have to install it first. Then, you can use PulseAudio to graphically put streams into and out of the loopback.