New ADS-B Decoder for the Airspy Released

Youssef, the main programmer of SDR# and creator of the Airspy software defined radio has just released a beta version of an ADS-B decoder for the Airspy. The software is called “ADSB Spy” and is similar in operation to ADSB# which is used with the RTL-SDR dongle. The increased sensitivity and lower noise floor of the Airspy should help ADS-B enthusiasts get longer ranges and more aircraft on their screen.

The beta version of ADSB Spy can be downloaded at

ADSB Spy - An ADS-B decoder for the Airspy
ADSB Spy – An ADS-B decoder for the Airspy


    • Anonymous

      the old version only works with rtl-sdr, the newer ones only with the airspy because the fucking (((creator))) only cares about making money with his own “””devices”””

  1. Enzo

    Please anybody had luck to Decode the GOMX-3 Satellite?
    If yes please which program is required?

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