New DAB Player for RTL2832U

A new Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) player has been released for RTL2832U dongles (Link text is in German use Google Translate to translate). This player uses the official drivers and not the RTL-SDR drivers, although we believe the DAB demodulation is still done in software. You will need to install the drivers provided on the download page to run this DAB player. For R820T models, the file should be used and for E4000 should be used. You will also need have installed the Visual C++ Redistributable package to run the program.

The software UI is written in German, but its controls are easy to figure out for non speakers.

An alternative DAB player that uses the RTL-SDR drivers is SDR-J.

RTL2832U DAB Player
RTL2832U DAB Player


  1. Colin

    Get the same message as above also mention “check if the dab stick with realtek chipset is plugged in”. I connected the correct stick (it works on another computer) and installed both the x86 and the x64 Visual Studio 2019. I use int on Windows 7 64b.

  2. stup52

    The software immediately opens the scan window so there is no access to the main window and therefore the settings. If no channel is found when initially scanning the only alternative is to shut the scan window which closes the software. Unless there is access to settings the software is almost unusable..

  3. Michael

    my dongle (DVB-T+FM+DAB)(radio&SDR) can’t display the radio scan option only display DVB:REALTEK DTV filter for and Analog TV:webcam SC-0311139N.
    again, when I open DVB:REALTEK DTV it does not display my country (kenya).
    Any remedy for this?

  4. Ron

    Let windows install the wrong driver (the 2009 version). Then you can not revert to the previous version. In device manager delete the driver. Do the driver update in device manager. Then you can revert to the previous version. Then you should have the 2006 version. Reboot. Install the Treiber 2 driver. Then you have the 2012 version. Then it should work.

    • joe

      hello i ave downloaded the dab player and the drivers Treiber 2 bud i whil lauching the DAB player a say to verifi if the key usb Dab/TV ave on Chipset Realteak and then does not work 🙁 Grr sorry i’ speak not verry wel english ..
      my usb key is a RTL-SDR.COM RTL2832U R820T2
      i hope to ave a solution and wil to look tv in digital mode do you ave a another solution ?
      many thank for oure reply
      mail to [email protected]

  5. marco

    i have a dirver issue with de Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL2838 DVB-T
    it will not load the DAB-player executeble if i use RTL2832 driver the software dvb-payer runs but no channels will be found!! please make the RTL2838 driver compatible with de DAB-player
    GRT marco

  6. Eivind

    Trying to run this program, I get these error messages poping up saying I’m missing MSVCP.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll.
    I have tried installing the Visual Studio Redistributable and restarting, but that didn’t help. I searched my harddrive, and vcruntime140.dll actually exists in the system32 folder.

    What can I do to make this work?

  7. Andi_84

    > The software UI is written in German, but its controls are easy to figure out for non speakers.

    If you right-click somewhere on the background in the main window, you can select “Sprache” (Language) from the context menu and switch to some other languages.

    • Andi_84

      Try to do the following:
      1) Run the program once and exit it. This creates a file named Channels.conf in the folder where the .exe is located
      2) Open the above mentioned file using a text editor
      3) Replace the frequencies (6 digit numbers in the second column) according to your needs
      4) Save the file, exit the text editor
      5) Start the DAB-Player again, run a channel scan

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