New RTL-SDR Book for Beginners

Recently this year, Akos from the SDR for Mariners blog has put out a bunch of RTL-SDR tutorials aimed at complete beginners – that is people without any radio knowledge at all.

Akos has now gone ahead and created an ebook titled “Radio On A Tight Budget: RTL-SDR For Everyone”, which is purchasable from Amazon. Akos has mentioned that his book is not just his blog in book form, but something new. The blurb is as follows

Hands-on guide to hear to world using the 10-dollar RTL stick. Easy-to understand text covers software installation, antennas, noise reduction, guides from shortwave to airplane information reception – and many more. Diagrams and photos help the beginner, common tools and materials used: no soldering or expensive gear used. Useless tales, anecdotes, complicated theoretical explanations left out: only relevant information included.
If you ever had problems setting up the RTL stick, wish to significantly improve your reception or simply want to hear airplanes talk to tower, receive AIS information on a yacht or track airplanes, this book is for you.
Radio On A Tight Budget: RTL-SDR For Everyone
Radio On A Tight Budget: RTL-SDR For Everyone
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