New RTL-SDR Panoramic Spectrum Analyzer

A Ukrainian developer has released his new RTL-SDR Panoramic Spectrum Analyzer software. The software utilizes the command line rtl_power software for its backend processing, so it is essentially a GUI for rtl_power.

The developer has uploaded two videos to YouTube showing the software in action. The software can be downloaded from here.

An alternative program similar to this one is RTLSDR Scanner.

RTL-SDR Panoramic Spectrum Analyzer

Panoramic observation of the PMR + LPD. Part 2


  1. Iain Firth

    Good morning.

    I just wondered if there would be any chance of implementing a CSV export of the scan results? I use a piece of software from Shure called Wireless Workbench in conjunction with plotting compatabile frequencies for radio microphones (live events). It would be amazing to be able to import a scan from your software into this software!


    • UR3QQJ

      raw data from the chip in the form of RAW samples is written as is directly to the DAT file specified by the user. The file is located in the Plugins directory. All post-processing in the form and calculations, as well as the possibility of subsequent playback of this file is implemented by the program in the program.

  2. raxp

    Please correct the description of the program. This is no longer a gui shell on top of rtl_power, it is not there. “Direct RTL-SDR Panoramic Spectrum Analyzer” – a panoramic FFT direct access scanner with the ability to loop recording, playback and a waterfall. The same goes for the description at The appearance of the program

  3. Jk

    I tried ti get it running on Windows10 64bit, but got:
    rtl_power.exe – Application Error
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

    And the error window after hitting o’k appears again even after killing process.
    I had copied files from folder “Under a 64 bit OS files from this folder to be moved to the directory – plugins”.

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