New SDR# Plugin: GUI Interface for DSD+

The developer over at has released a new plugin for SDR# (note in Russian – use Google translate) which allows the digital voice decoder DSD+ to be controlled via a GUI interface from SDR#. To use this plugin you will need to have a copy of DSD+ already downloaded as you will need to point the plugin to the DSD+ install directory. You will also need to have virtual audio cable software such as VAC or VBCable setup.

Information on downloading and setting up DSD+ can be found here.

DSD+ SDR# Plugin GUI
DSD+ SDR# Plugin GUI


  1. Bigbloke

    the rolloff filter (dr) is no longer part of dsd+ fast lane.

    you cannot negate it by setting it to zero , or deleting it

    as such the plugin doesnt work with fast lane

  2. Anony

    I’m receiving an error when I try to run the plugin: “Error – The System Cannot Find The File Specified”. Anyone know a workaround?

    • Anon

      The “Appropriate file” is the plugins.xml or the sdrsharp.exe.config, depending on your SDR# install. With the newest version of SDR# (don’t quote me, but this worked when I did it) you will add the key to plugins.xml from the magicline.txt in the plugin download.
      Then paste the dll into the SDR# directory, and that should be all you need to install the plugin, assuming you already have DSD+ set up.

      • Toutatis

        Thank you. I tried on sdrsharp.exe.config, but it doesn’t work.
        Error message ‘”error loading SDRSharp.DSD.DSDplugin, SDRSharp.DSD”

  3. Toutatis

    Thank you. But where is the plugin on the website ? Is it only SDRSharp.DSD.dll ?
    Nothing happened with that here.

    • John

      Yes that dll is the plugin but you also need to add the line from magicline.txt to the appropriate file.

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