New SDR# User Guide Available

Paolo Romani IZ1MLL has recently created a SDR# users guide document which comprehensively explains all the features and settings available in the program. SDR# (aka SDRSharp) from is designed for Airspy SDRs, however it is one of the most popular SDR receiver programs used with RTL-SDRs as well.

Paolo's guide appears to build on our own guide at, providing new information and updates since many changes and new features have been released in SDR# since we wrote that guide a few years ago.

The guide can be found on the page and is available in English, Italian and Spanish.

SDRSharp Guide
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I very much enjoy the new interface. It can be fully customized to show (or hide, or completely remove) nearly every portion of it. It will take a few minutes to get set up, however once it’s set up, it looks great. You can even make it look like the old interface with a bit of tweaking. All it takes is a little bit of time.

The same arguments against it are made every time a piece of software has a change in interface.


Perseus SDR proved over a decade ago that it is possible to create an graphical user interface where everything of importance is fast, easy and in a ergonomic way accessible. By the way the Perseus SDR Software wasn’t even fullscreen

In SDR Sharp really everything of importance is unnecessary hidden in a inexplicable and childish way. Trivial tasks require hours of scrolling and digging without reason. That’s not because there is lack of space on the screen but because the space is generously and extremely thoughtless wasted.

Over the years I got to know AirSpy Hard- and Software very well. It is all based on the same narrow minded concepts & attitude. It is not a pleasure to use.

As hobbyists we are doing what we are doing for pleasure and not to get confronted with strange outpourings on our spare time.


The newest version of SDR Sharp is very customizable. You can remove anything you don’t want, and hide things you need access to occasionally. In fact you could even have just the waterfall showing if you wanted to. There is nothing narrow minded about the concepts it has. If you don’t want it full screen, don’t make it full screen. If you don’t want it cluttered, remove what you don’t like, or autohide it.

Here is a photo of my current set up:comment image

There’s no wasted space and nothing narrow minded about the software. As hobbyists, we need to learn to adapt. Calling a piece of software “narrow minded” is on the nose. The only “narrow minded” thing is to use it when there are tons of alternatives, and complain about how much you don’t like it.

Any hobby is going to have “strange outpourings” of spare time. If it bothers someone, then maybe the hobby isn’t for them.


I own an AOR AR 3000A. I can afford to buy a HackRF. Is it possible to somehow someway connect these two radios with the HackRF in service as a sort of a downconverter? Could I then control both radios with a full feature version of SDR#? (On Windows 10 Pro, preferably)😊


Nice Screenshot. It looks like you try to impress your friends, mother or whoever. Pretty sure they think you are a scientist or something.
As serious hobbyist you would know that there are certain things which must be at hand at anytime. That’s certainly not a volume bar.

UX Trap

Are you saying you don’t like you were fired by the Airspy folks? I can see the new interface is more adapted to the tech minded than appliance minded. Maybe this new population filter was intentional, after all.


Pretty sure there is no folks at Airspy otherwise the situation would quite a different one. Most probably a lonely guy pulling some strings to get things constructed in China, here and there for sales..

Are you serious? The “new” interface suffering the same sickness, just changed some color and childish stuff here and there. Also lots of functionality derived form foreign plugins which where integrated in the GUI:. Without that it is still a waterfall display with a proud volume control and frequency display.

When after so many years the volume control is still a main objective how would you call it? Progressive? Constructive? Sorry that’s just narrow minded.

Larry Massey

Purchased Spyverter when it first came out, but with no documentation or assistance from Seller.
This type of poor support from many manufacturers/sellers is typical rather than exceptional.


There is information at: scroll down to “Using the SpyVerter”
Official support is from:

And a group at


He (Airspy Guy) behaves more like a God surrounded by disciples.

I would not bother contacting him except you feel the need to praise him as Lord resp. his rather sloppy programming as pristine and divine creation..

Laxian Key

I’m with you guys on the interface. I wanted to post my sentiments to airspygroups io but was told by the mods to just delete sdr# from my system.


yeah, that’s been typical of the culture over there. Not helpful.


I definitely like the old interface better


Yea I’m not a huge fan of the new interface either.


New interface is very confusing for me, bit slow and unresponsive sometimes…
Lucky for me there is still download link for unskinned ver. but for how long (or ever) will they continue to update it?