New Store Products: SDRplay RSP1A Metal Case Upgrade + Portable Antenna Set

Over on our store we've just released two new products for sale. The first is a metal case upgrade kit for the SDRplay RSP1A. It is similar to the previous enclosure that we sold for the RSP1, but no longer comes with an included BCFM filter since the RSP1A has this filter built in as a software switchable option.

Instead we've included a portable 7 meter (23 feet) long wire antenna spool (Tecsun AN-03L) with SMA adapter, and an 11 cm to 48 cm adjustable SMA telescopic antenna. The 7 meter antenna is great for HF SWLing, and neatly rolls up into the spool for travelling. The telescopic antenna is a portable VHF/UHF antenna that can plug directly into the SMA port of the RSP1A. Both antennas fit neatly into the supplied semi-hardshell carry case. The set costs US$29.95 including shipping and is available on our store, and will be on US Amazon in a couple of weeks.

The second product is the portable antenna set just by itself. The set includes the 7m Tecsun AN-03L antenna spool, the mono plug to SMA adapter and the 11 cm to 48 cm telescopic antenna. It can be used on any SDR with SMA ports. The set costs US$11.95 and is also available on our store. It will also be on Amazon in a couple of weeks. 

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I would like to know if is possible to buy the RSP-1a Aluminum Case, online, inside of the UE in order to avoid tax surprises.


What a pity. Thank you anyway.


Let’s see if they make the leap and the new models of receivers already incorporate a USB-3.0 or better yet, a USB-C.
What would be great at all, is to replace the USB port with a Gigabit Ethernet connection with POE, to put the receiver directly on the mast next to the antenna.


I would love to see a video of that Long wire antenna in action. I have been looking at one for my rtl sdr v3.


The An-03L sold on aliexpress are 5 meters long (16 ft). Is yours longer?

p.s. now that you have finished with the metalwork we wait the wideband loop amplifier 🙂


Any chance of just selling the case without the antenna kit ?


Wow cool. Not only a neat product, but even reasonably priced! Is the case for the original RSP1 still available in this configuration?


No balun? A SW antenna straight into a 50 ohm input??


I didn’t think SWR was important on receive only devices.