New USA Source for Modded TCXO RTL-SDR Dongles

Previously on our blog we posted about RTL-SDR dongles for sale in Japan that had been modified by replacing the low quality 28.8 MHz oscillator with a quality low ppm and high stability temperature controlled oscillator (TCXO).

Now there is a new USA based source for modified TCXO dongles over on Ebay. The new dongles are modified with a 1 ppm high stability TCXO and sell for $65 USD. The manufacturer of these modded dongles has been kind enough to send us a sample and we will have a review of the product up in a few days.

The oscillator on the RTL-SDR is prone to thermal drift, which means that as the dongle heats up from use, the frequency you are tuned to may change over time. A TCXO compensates for differences in temperature and thus keeps the frequency stable as the temperature changes.

TCXO Modded RTL-SDR from the USA
TCXO Modded RTL-SDR from the USA
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John Mills

I’ve had a quote for +/- 2.5ppm TCXO in the UK from a UK manufacturer of $8.50 for 50pcs and $6.00 for 100pcs !!


I can see 40 dollars for it. those TCXO’s are cheap. they are gouging the price on it.You are dumb paying for it. 65 is just too much. I am happy with what I have now without the tcxo.

Bill Thomson

Perhaps you meant to say you *can’t* see 40 dollars for it?


I would love to buy just the TCXO and the required parts and do the mod myself, would same some money that way… Either way, really cool to see a USA source now!