New Windows AIS Decoder For the RTL-SDR: AISRec

Over on YouTube user Jane feverlay has uploaded a video showing a new AIS decoder called AISRec for Windows that he has developed.

AIS is an acronym for Automatic Identification System and is a system used by ships to broadcast position and vessel information. By monitoring AIS transmissions with the RTL-SDR we can build a boat radar system. We have a tutorial on this here.

The new software is not free, but he offers a trial version that limits the run time to 20 minutes and 5000 max messages. The paid version removes these limits and also decodes both AIS channels simultaneously. The program monitors data from the RTL-SDR and sends decoded data out via UDP. Software such as OpenCPN can then be used to display the AIS data on a map.

We tested the trial version on our machine and found that it worked well at decoding AIS messages. To download the trial go to and enter the code kn44. The download site is in Chinese, but it is obvious where to enter the code. We found the software to be virus free, but remember to always scan unknown software like this yourself. The full price of the software is unknown, but purchasing instructions are given in the trial download readme. The author also writes that his software now supports the Airspy, but not in the trial version.

Note that we discovered that the software doesn’t use a PPM correction setting as expected. Instead it uses a frequency shift setting. To set the shift in the AISRec.ini file, we had to calculate freqshift = 162.025 MHz – frequency of the second AIS channel as shown in SDR# with no PPM correction set.

Another similar software program that was released earlier is PNAis.

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