Notes on Amateur Radio Astronomy for Beginners reader Jean Marie Polard (F5VLB) recently wrote in to let us know about a useful document that he has put together which covers beginners amateur radio astronomy. The document includes various introductions to the types of antennas and electronic tools often used in radio astronomy, the software used and an introduction to all the different types of observable objects. There are also a few mentions of the RTL-SDR dongle which is known to be a useful tool for amateur radio astronomy.

The document is available in pdf form in English, as well as in French. If you are looking at getting started in amateur radio astronomy then this is a good starting guide.


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  1. Way

    Great guide book for beginners radio astronomers! I was looking for something like this. Its hard to understand book written by professionals for students/professionals because of buch of theory that I probably never use.

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