Radio Signal Identification “Encyclopedia” Paperback

Yesterday a reader wrote in to let us know about two comprehensive paperback books about radio signal identification that he’d found online. This reader thought the books would be relevant to RTL-SDR users wanting to know more about the vast number of signals available to them. The books are titled

Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring VHF/UHF (PDF Excerpt) &
Technical Handbook for Radio Monitoring HF (PDF Excerpt)

Where each book is split into describing signals from VHF/UHF and HF respectively. More information on these books, and versions written in German can be found on the official book website. The author also has a book titled Signal Analysis for Radio Monitoring, which discusses techniques for analyzing unknown waveforms.

From the excerpts the book looks incredibly useful, so if our Radio Signal Identification Guide is not enough for you, we suggest trying a copy of these books.

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I had a read through the PDF excerpt for the VHF/UHF one. Some of the text must be quite old because it refers to systems that “should be available in 2005”. So I guess that this is a very slightly updated version of a fairly old book.

Also, to a native English speaker the translation from German is somewhat idiosyncratic and results in something that is almost but not quite proper English. I might overlook that in a free eBook but I expect more from a book with such a hefty sticker price.