Receiving BPSK63 with an RTL-SDR and Ham-It-Up Upconverter

Over on YouTube user Java’s Toys has uploaded a video showing a demo of his reception of a BPSK63 signal using his RTL-SDR and the Ham-it-up upconverter. BPSK63 is a text based digital communications mode used by ham radio enthusiasts to make contacts. It is twice as fast compared to the more commonly used BPSK31 mode.

Java’s toys used HDSDR together with Fldigi to receive and decode the signal.

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Java's Toys

A late edit to my previous post I meant to say “I just received my Ham It Up up converter EXTRUDED ALUMINUM CASE today” Sorry but I was in a hurry when I posted it.

Java's Toys

Due to my video not having my voice I will explain here in text.
I just received the Ham It Up up converter in the mail today. There is a marginal improvement in performance while a apparent reduction of stray rf noise is evident. The extruded aluminum case was very easy to assemble with the Ham It Up up converter. This is important to have for digital decodes. We want to aim for the best signal and lowest interference, or noise, for best results.
I used the stereo mixer input of the Sigmatel Audio chip in this laptop to decode BPSK. No Virtual cable needed, except if you do not want to hear the shrill sound of BPSK63.