RSGB Talk – The Farnham WebSDR: DC to Microwaves on your Smartphone

Over on YouTube the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has uploaded a talk by Noel Matthews (G8GTZ) titled "The Farnham WebSDR: DC to Microwaves on your smartphone". The Farnham WebSDR runs 8 (soon to be 10) RTL-SDR dongles in order to cover multiple bands from DC to 2 GHz.

If you're interested in their talks, the RSGB also recently uploaded several other amateur radio related talks from their 2018 convention to their YouTube channel.

This presentation gives an overview of the Farnham WebSDR ( which currently covers the LF bands through to 10GHz. The presentation describes the system architecture and antennas currently used on each band and how the team has used RTL dongle receivers, available for under £10, to give good RF performance on all bands from DC to 10GHz. There is a demonstration of the SDR in use on both PC and smartphone.

RSGB 2018 Convention lecture - The Farnham WebSDR: DC to Microwaves on your smartphone

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Ha..finally got to that site and had the same issue. :>}
Nice site.. New favorite


Tim_rtd .>Thanks for your it working now…your the man AA+++ recommended user.


I recently had an event in which I lost audio on my openweb server sound . My IT guy said to go into the chrome settings, content settings, sound and then add your website to alow sound. Worked for me..


Using the Farnham WebSDR interface i see the waterfall but cannot get any sound.Im using chrome browser HTML5 win7 so what is the problem im do i resolve this?.