RTL-SDR Blog V4 Dongle Back in Stock!

The RTL-SDR Blog V4 dongle (dongle only), is back in stock for international shipping today! The V4 Dongle + Antenna set will be back in stock after about a week. Please note that shipping will be a few days delayed due to a multi-day public holiday in China this week. Amazon will be stocked with V4 dongles in about five weeks time.

The V4 dongle can be ordered from our store at www.rtl-sdr.com/store.

Also see our release post and V4 users guide pages for more information about the RTL-SDR Blog V4.

Please remember that not all software is compatible with the RTL-SDR Blog V4 yet. The majority of programs on Windows and Linux are already compatible, or just require a simple driver swap, but some programs on MacOS and Android will need more time to update because on these platforms the drivers are bundled with software.

Please consult the V4 users guide for the latest information about software compatibility and how to update the drivers.

We note that there have been some false rumors on various forums that the RTL-SDR Blog V4 is totally out of stock already as it is a limited edition product. We want everyone to know that that while it is a limited edition product, there should be enough stock for about a year.

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Arthur G. Hughes

When will it definitely be on sale on Amazon? There are already many delays for its sale there and I only want to buy through Amazon because it is safer


Version with the antennas is unavailable, will this chance soon?
What will availability be like over the next few weeks in general?


Is it already known when the V4 dongle + anthenna will be back in stock?