RTL-SDR.com SDR Dongle Giveaway!

We are giving away 20 of our new units with the metal case!

Competition has now ended! Thanks to all who entered! Winners to be announced by Monday.

The RTL-SDR and SDR community spans multiple disciplines and there are many wildly different projects being worked on by SDR enthusiasts as regular readers of our blog may already know. We want to thank all our readers with a competition and at the same time get everyone to share what projects you are all working on.

There are four chances to enter the contest and you may enter in all four competitions. On each method we will give away 5 RTL-SDR blog dongle + antenna units. Competition ends in one week on the 22nd of January at 23:59 hrs (midnight) PST time. Winners will be notified in the following 1-2 days and we will do a post about it too.

Competition Entry 1) Like us on Facebook and make a comment on the the contest post mentioning what SDR related projects you are currently working on, or plan to work on in the future.

Competition Entry 2) Follow us on Twitter and tweet at us @rtlsdrblog mentioning the SDR related projects you are currently working on, or plan to work on in the future.

Competition Entry 3) Make a comment on this very blog post mentioning what SDR related projects you are currently working on, or plan to work on in the future. (Please include a contact email address in the email field – it will only be visible to us and we won’t use it for anything else, promise!)

Competition Entry 4) Sign up to our email mailing list here or on the right hand navigation menu. (we send out a once weekly digest of the weeks posts).


We want to hear about any and all projects, no matter how simple you might think they are! At the end of the competition we will randomly select five winners from each competition entry method and contact them. Please remember to check your Facebook/Twitter/email accounts if your name comes up when the winners are announced.

Rules: Only one entry per person per method! E.g. you can enter once on Facebook, once on Twitter, once by commenting here, and once by signing up to our mailing list. No duplicate accounts are allowed. You must be legally be allowed to receive and own an RTL-SDR dongle to enter.

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Will try building an ADS-B receiver using raspberry pi.


I’m currently working on making a proper panadapter for my beloved Yaesu 757GXII. Excited to be able to see the whole band!


some ADS-B, Monitor the ISS, see what else I can find in RF.


Since I have uhf/vhf capabilities I want to use a dongle to pick up some hf. Then weather images. Then, maybe, play with tracking planes.

Adrian Done

On the way to finish the setup at University of Suceava in Romania, of a SBC (Single Board Computer: R Pi) based panoramic all purpose receiver (including for students practice). Front end LNA PGA103 and discone AH7000 antenna.


Already running a radio meteor detection setup on RMOB and frequency stability and shielding are issues: http://www.rmob.org/livedata/main.php#Cezar Lesanu_ROAN@USV


Using the rtl-sdr in conjunction with Direwolf to make an APRS i-gate


My brother and I came across some tossed out VZW cantenna units. The cases will hold a pi2 and the dongle and an antenna in a nice water tight package. I am thinking of making an IGATE for an APRS dead zone for highway travelers and also my brother is building a remote RTLSDR radio to listen in on radio transmission. A stable TCXO would sure help.


Listening airport technical and rescue services, I want to deal with gsm


Learn software defined radios and signal processing to get a more interesting job =)


Learning about and reversing different signals/protocols.


Just getting started with SDR. I want to tune into AIS transmissions and then add a planar disk antenna.


I’m using three sdr dongles to receive adsb: one with omni antenna receiving overhead and near passes, and two with direccional antennas receiving the traffic in the two nearest airports.

Robb Sharpe

I’ve made a home version SDR and it works great. Now I want to make a mobile version using one of the Raspberry Pis!


I would like to build a dedicated ADS-B receiver and contribute to flightradar24 user pool.


I record lectures in school. Capturing wireless microphones.


Please stop using the grey font, site is unreadable.


Исаользую для мониторинга эфира 146-172 мгц DSD+


Currently planning short wave listening station to monitor the most interesting portions of the bands daily.

chris m

I would like to use 2 rtlsdr’s to listen to all of the FRS and GMRS channels at the same time in GNURadio, with some sort of auto squelch to give priority to the first received transmission.

roberto zinelli

Setup a dedicate dongle with router running openwrt and dump1090 to wifi streaming ADS-B data.


Current plans for the new stick would be to mostly dedicate it to HF listening via a recently acquired Spyverter, and testing out simple antenna designs.

Maksim Baturin

Currently building multistation recorder for monitoring translations of several FM radio stations at one time. This need for monitoring and recording radiotranslations at range 88MHz – 108MHz.

Michele Costantino

Implementing fdm-s2 in gr-osmocom , that’s my next sdr project!
Hope you like it!


My plan is to use rtl-sdr dongle to receive WSPR signals and then replace my AD9851 signal generator board with proper PiTx to transmit my beacons. How’s that for a project idea?


Working on an IF interface to my transceiver (buffer amp) in order to use the RTL-SDR as a panadapter.


I’m looking toward learning more about ADS-B and NOAA and seeing how I can monitor them from home and alerting so that I can be alerted to when there is a fly over in my area.


Getting set up to track weather balloons on L band 1680 MHz. Hooking up an LNA4ALL and possibly a LO mixer to downconvert. #WinterFun #BeatCabinFever


AIS reception on a yacht, in conjunction with RaspberryPi running OpenCPN

Luke Berndt

Thanks for the great blog – I am interested in building a RTL-SDR cluster based on Raspberry pis

Mike Miller

ADS-B, airband monitoring

John Wilkerson

I use dual dongles for monitoring p25 trunked systems, as well as aircraft tracking.


I am planning to create a simple server on my Raspberry PI and receive HF using the converter and LNA4ALL.

Aaron Kuhn

I’d like to use an RTL-SDR with either an downcoverter or the direct sampling mod to create a “DVR” style setup where I can schedule/record/listen to Shortwave radio shows at any time


I would probably do research on Internet of Shit, as its getting quite popular over here…


Some gps signal spoofing, public transport schedule gather and public website for real time data.


ADS-B and airband reception.

Leonard Wilson

I’ve done computer security for a number of years but am only recently getting into SDR. My interests are mainly in wireless, Bluetooth and Iot RF vulnerabilities and countermeasures.


Pseudo-doppler direction finding using mesh networked automata.

Gimme dat radio!


I use my dongle for reception of 2 meter hams,70 cm hams,weather sats on 137 mhz,small sats on 70cm,
anything interesting between 125 mhz to 1ghz.
I would like to use 2 to 4 dongles on a usb hub with each their own antenna and bandfilters for improved reception.