Russian Bomber HF Activity, Amateur Radio / SDR Hobbyist Warning Again

With Russian missiles now falling in the Ukraine it seems that the worst has occurred and a full scale invasion has started. We wish for the safety of all Ukrainian citizens and to that end we wanted again to reiterate our safety warning to all SDR owners and amateur radio operators in the Ukraine that we put out three weeks ago. Please remember that last year a Crimean resident was arrested and is currently imprisoned by Russian forces for using RTL-SDR and scanner radios to listen to the airband. Crimea was a previous territory of the Ukraine annexed by Russian forces in 2014.

Along with Ukraine's declared state of emergency, one of the conditions is that all transmitting radio amateur activities must cease. We would also strongly recommend ceasing any public facing receiving activities, including ADSB and WebSDR feeds etc.

We are also hearing reports that 8131 kHz is supposedly being used by Russian Strategic Bombers for voice communications and it has been very active within the last few hours. The WebSDR linked in the tweet is already at capacity, but you may be able to hear from KiwiSDRs stationed around Europe.

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Go to hell Putin ! Let the Ukrainians live !

Capt. Ace

Does anyone look deeper at the Russian / Ukraine war than just NATO, or ideologies? Putin may or may not be a meglomanic. Who has looked at the natural resources and by National Resources, in this case I am talking about mineral deposits that are needed for the semiconductor industry, as well as the atomic industry. Russia and the Ukraine both have those resources, with Ukraine having more. Russia does not have all the facilities to extract these resources and has to “outsource” that operation. While the Ukraine has both the resources and the facilities to extract the needed materials.
Yes NATO is a joke with a sick punchline!
Now do not get me started on China… Who is funding China’s war chest? Why we are, The USA, by a very large amount. Do you think all the money China makes by selling the USA cheap goods goes to the health and well being of its citizens? I rather doubt that. Do you think all the large US companies making hughe profits by selling these goods care? I rather doubt that also. I would imagine these companies would find a way to make even more money should China go to war with us. I believe these companies have faith in the US Military and its sophicated technology will win any war, even if the components that make up that technology were manufactured, and tested, by our opponent. Makes sense to me???


This thread is way off track (irrelevant), unconstructive, uninformative, and should be closed. Is that an option?


Have anyone in EU noticed wide signals that remind CODAR (google it) but way quicker slope, starting from around 4MHz up till 20MHz ? They look something like in the picture:comment image
And sometimes the slope is really fast, sometimes really steep. Could this be anything tied to anti air defence radars that NATO might have activated in fact of the recent events?


The Russians use different frequencies at different times of the year. Indeed the Russian Long Range Aviation use 8131 kHz during the winter, but in March and April this frequency is replaced by 8090 kHz and in May-August the frequency is 8909 kHz. Russian transport aircraft normally communicate on 6685 kHz but this net has gone quiet since the start of the war.
73, @Whitbycrab

President Biden

Yea, Z!

President Xi

No blue dongle SDR comrad did mother Russia arrested…
It’s Piece mission like friend Putin say. 😉

Beef Jerky

Holy cow, the comments section here is like a reddit echo chamber!
Just more proof that educated =/= intelligent, for those who haven’t already discovered this fact.

Everyone screeching about Russia and Ukraine need to read about the history of NATO expansion over the past 30 years after their promise to Russia to not expand, etc.

This entire situation was completely predictable, absolutely expected, and the only reason it didn’t happen 5 years ago is because the orange dude in the white house was too intimidating for that commie Putin. Must have been the mean tweets or something? NATO is absolutely to blame for all of this, there is not a government left in this world that actually cares about the well being of its citizens.


Czech dude here, we have been occupied by Russia like this in 1968, although not so violently.
Similar script – soldiers thought they come to save citizens from some militant nazis, actually all the citizens told them to go home.
NATO is absolutely expanding, but it’s not a military conflict, it’s an ideological one.
I absolutely want the western ideology to spread and take over Russia. Why wouldn’t I? Both ideologies are imperialistic in their nature, but the western one gives me better life. I live in absolute luxury.

The good, the bad and the ugly

NATO is responsible that Putin destroys a democratic country? You should ask why all those eastern European countries decided to join the NATO and not Russia. Hint: It might be that democracy gives more freedom, wealth and prosperity than dictatorships. In a democracy, power is spread over many individuals. If one appears to be bad-minded, he is kicked out. If a dictator decides to suppress his people or to raid a neighbor, he will do that. And keep in mind: Evil is part of the human being. It is just a question of time until someone freaks out. Spreading power is the ONLY solution for mankind to survive the next 100.000 years.


So Noot, your are the Propagandaminister in Putins Trollarmy! “I am against Putin but what he said is true” – ja shure it is…


Yeah, that’s a standard tactic you can read in the book “howto influence people”… Just ignore the Russian troll army. You can’t envy them: “Honey, how was your day?”, “Yeah, I posted 1.402 fake messages on facebook, 2 on rtl-sdr for our glory country.” “I love you”, “I hate you – oh wait, back into real life. I love you too.”


Politicians, media and soldiers are cancer of the world.


so edgy


There is 500K saboteurs in Kyiv! Shot on sight on anybody movin!

Destroy Putin and all his commy scum

Anyone with equipment to do so should transmit and jam up their comms as much as you can. !


Be careful, though. I’d do that only out from Ukraine.


My impression of Russian technology has always been that it is outdated and does not work well. I am not sure that they would even be able to see that they are being jammed, because their equipment is all half broken 🙂


Communications sabotage is not part of the Amateur Radio mission.
There is a wide range of political opinion in any country, so it cannot all be bad.
Integrity and levelheadedness is the way to persuade those who can be.

Edyasia is down?? another alternative???



Everyone needs to calm themselves, there is no world war, go talk to some real Ukranians, I know many of them. They all tell me the same story about a very corrupt country with a very active and powerful mafia. And what a coincidence that the USA president and his family are alleged to have made many millions from this country (and there is much evidence that makes this claim look extremely credible). So the corrupt USA is mad because their corrupt president and his family is going to lose many dollars over this, and a large number of other USA politicians will be in the same situation because the USA politics have extreme corruption problems with politicians getting rich off of their deals. The Ukranians are mad because Putin is going to replace their mafia with his own mafia. And Europe is mad because Europe likes to be mad about politics no matter what is going on. I am German in origin and my time spent in Germany during the time that Trump was USA president helped me understand that europeans care way too much about politics of other countries. I had so many friends and stranger tell me how terrible of a human this Trump guy was, and not one of these people ever traveled to the USA before! Meanwhile I have worked in the USA for many years, and I really care nothing for all of that drama, all the USA drama is coming from the news corporation, not the people. What the USA media says and what the USA people say are the complete opposite things. Anyway, I think no one should have worry over this, Putin will not invade other countries, he is simply trying to replace a corrupt country leadership with his own corrupt leadership. Maybe some Ukranian who are on this site could comment on this.
Also please do not compare Putin to Hitler, that is disgusting and wrong. Stalin, ok maybe you can do this, but I think even this is going too far based on events up to this time.

Don't feed the Russian troll

Oh man, this is way too obvious. Greetings to the Russian troll army in St. Petersburg…

Ukraine forever kill putin

F-off Russian scum. The world doesn’t want to hear you.

F*ck Putin!

собака трахнула тебя в жопу, путинская сволочь!


How much Putler is paying for your whining?


I am QUITE confused as to how I am a “russian troll” and why any troll would consider this blog a target???
Are you Fox News/CNN trolls? Because this “Everyone I disagree with is russian and also a Nazi” thing sounds very much like every USA media outlet I have ever heard!
Did you not notice that I do not support Putin? I said he is corrupt, and he is invading a corrupt country. And that should be of concern to the two countries involved. I never understand this NATO habit of wanting to get involved in everyone’s business and wage endless wars on foreign soils. If you are Ukranian in Ukraine, fight, that is good. If you are in another country, stop moaning about things that are not your business and trying to get your governments to spend massive money on interfering with foreign matters.

Lee DeForest

Your posts really come alive when read with Russian accent.


Have you seen the “Everyone I disagree with is a Russian Troll” meme?


ты долбоёб, а не немец. Идет реальная война, прямо сейчас

MEDIEN sind швайнэ

Du hast Recht Noot.

Beef Jerky

No, this is not about mafia, it is about post-USSR NATO expansion, literally all of this has been talked about over and over but most people nowadays have only short-term memory because they’ve literally given themselves brain damage with their phones, computers and continuous consumption of corporate media, social media, etc.
This invasion was expected years ago, and the moment that NATO announced its intentions to occupy Ukraine, the invasion was inevitable. There is a ton of history behind all of this. Go read about the history between the USSR and the west and this entire situation will make perfect sense. In addition to making perfect sense, it will really piss you off because you will realize that there was always a diplomatic solution to it, but NATO countries are war mongers and have been trying to start this conflict since the day the USSR fell. The leaders of our nations are truly evil.


Putin is going mad. Russians, stop him before he destroys Ukraine and Europe including Russia itself! Putin is insane and megalomatic, just as Stalin and Hitler. The constitution allows tyrannicide!


Mankind, you should look for this meme “Everyone I disagree with is hitler”. It applies to you.
Hitler killed 6 million people and laid waste to europe. There is no resemblence between that event and what is happening here. Please work to develop your reasning skills, thank you.


Russian people must go out in street to kickout Poutine !!!

Ukrainians was so called “russian brothers” … but Poutine drop bombs on them !

Shame on russia !

President Xi

You should buy cheap blue chinese dongle and goto Ukraine border for long vacation afterwards 🙂

XI the winnie the pooh

President XI is same mad … mass killer …
Time to stop to manufacturer in china … and go to kiss your winnie the pooh president!


Completely agreed – China commits genocide every single day, and yet people are calling Putin the “hitler”. What a silly world we live in! All manufacturing and trade with china should be halted.


U r right. I just smashed my blue rtlsdr! I dont wanna genocide product in my house. China kills billions of people per hour!

President Xi

I dont have mustach like Hietler!
And no dog have, dog eat breakfast China every morning!
So 习 not Hitlur is..
I Theabag every human face say Hidlre is me next time and stop manufacturing product for usa 该死的变性人使用蓝色加密狗!

I cannot stop manufacturing sorry you will cry like baby and new Covid not done yet to stop.


russian people cant they are to terrified.


all the russians i speak to like putin. i do too. i cant wait for me to be a ‘russian bot troll’ hehe! ukraine is corrupt, so is russia, usa, eu. uk. and anywhere else you care to mention. have a look for that bbc program about ukraines neo nazis they did a few years back. not as back as they are furiously peddling now. i hope russia takes over the whole of europe before we are all forced to be trannys with african muslim husbands while we own nothing and eat ze bugz

OS guy

It is a good time to delete Telegram from your personal smartphone.