SDR# 1717 Officially Released: Dark Mode and Other Skins now Available

Release 1717 of the popular SDR# software that is commonly used with RTL-SDR dongles has just officially been released (actually already up to r1722 at the time of this post). This release brings with it UI theme customization including a very nice looking dark mode. Over on the Airspy/SDR# board programmer Youssef wrote:

We are pleased to announce the release of SDR# r1717 with the Telerik User Interface.

This is quite a big jump from the old UI components that will allow us to add many fancy features in the upcoming revisions.
For now, the functionality of the software was ported "one to one" with full support of the existing plugins.
A new Plugin API for the tool bar was added which allows plugin developers to add/remove special buttons for quick access.

Despite a slightly longer loading time at the startup of the application, many performance improvements should be noticed in run time, especially the CPU usage.
The package is now distributed with a set of skins/themes you can select in the control panel under "Display". Later on, we will add custom skins loading capability so you can customize the look and feel of the whole program.

Please note that some themes have slower rendering than others. You will have to experiment until you settle with something that is acceptable for the eye candy and the CPU usage / UI reactivity.

Some older plugins may not support the "Dark" themes and will have some rendering problems. The last unskinned version of SDR# will be still available for download in case you really need it. In any case, plugin developers are invited to support the new skins by either using Telerik UI components or at least setting the display properties of the old components so they render properly.

SDRSharp Dark Theme
SDRSharp Dark Theme
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Hi All

I have windows 10 with all the lastest patches . I run SDRsharp from Remote Desktop and when I log out or loose connection SDRSharp hangs… I have tried to disable Power modes(Windows) and Logins in win 10 but it still hangs. I know its SDRsharp as SDRConsole/CubeSat Gunradio and all the other bits and bobs dont hang. I have to use SDRsharp as I have not found a GUI that is worable with RDP. Anyone else have the same issue.


Yep – same problem here.


This looks lovely!


Is this version of SDR# ‘plug and play’ with the Ettus brand USRP B200? Would I have to have two USRP B200’s to be able to listen to public safety digital trunking? Does this version of SDR# handle as many digital protocols as the UNIDEN SDS 200?