SDR-Remote: A Physical Tuning and Control Knob for SDR#

Recently Maxim who runs his small company "ExpElectroLab" wrote in and wanted to share a new product that he's developed called "SDR-Remote v2.0". This is a physical tuning knob that connects to your PC, and can be used with programs like SDR#. Apart from the knob, there are also several buttons for volume control, presets, and various other functions. He writes:

Heart - ARDUINO NANO V3.0, buttons, encoder and software. Sketch wrote to order a professional programmer.

Implemented by:

  • tuning the reception frequency with a multiplicity of 1 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 mHz (additionally 50 Hz)
  • volume control
  • Mute the sound (mute)
  • FM mono / stereo switching
  • switching of modulation types
  • turn on / off the noise
  • adjustment of the threshold of noise
  • adjustment of the width of the strip
  • switching ranges 160m, 80m, 40m, 25m, 13m.10m, FM, AVIA, 2m, 70cm

It appears that Maxim doesn't have a full store, but rather sells the devices on VK Markets, which is a Russian clone of Facebook. Also at the moment only SDR-Remote V1.0 is available for sale, but V2.0 seems to be due to go on sale soon. Version 1.0 sells for 2,650 Rub, which is equivalent to around US$42. His store also contains various other home brew SDR related products such as upconverters, LNA's, filters and a fractal antenna. The video below in in Russian, but shows V2.0 being unboxed and demonstrates it working with SDR#.

Maxim has noted that you can contact him at [email protected] if you are non Russian and are interested in his products.

SDR-Remote V1.0
SDR-Remote V1.0
SDR-Remote V2.0 или валкодер для SDR Sharp


  1. Marc

    The device arrives with the tune knob removed and so far nothing strange … pity that the hole is 5 mm. while the encoder pin is 6 mm. Remedied with a drill bit enlarging the hole plan. And then it’s a knob that’s too light. After a few days I replaced it with a heavier metal knob and the use has improved. Band change is limited and ranges from 160 m. at 70 cm. It is necessary to get used to the tuning step because the leds indicates 1 2 3 and not the selected step. Every time you start SDRSharp the parameters are not synchronized. After the first use of the keys, the software synchronizes.
    Am I satisfied with the purchase? Yes a lot.
    Recommended purchase.

      • Eddi

        Hi Maxim,
        Thanks for that.
        I stopped using Griffin because it had a smooth knob, so pretty useless for band scanning.
        A weighted knob like the 80’s series of Yaesu’s is what we want…

  2. Maxim

    SDR Remote works with the Sharp SDR program via the NET Remote plug-in
    It works with any dongles that supports Sharp
    We offer a budget version.
    The development plans foresee the development of V3.0 with a display, selection of any tuning step, adjustment of the band, volume and noise reduction with encoder

  3. Golan Klinger

    While not as slick, it’s a heck of a lot less expensive than ELAD’s Tmate2 (which is fantastic, BTW.)

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