SDR# TETRA Decoder Plugin Updated

The TETRA plugin for SDR# has been updated a few times since our last post on it back in March. The latest version can be downloaded directly here, and the original link comes from the Russian scanner forums.

In the new version the 'Net Info' button is now functioning and it is possible to see the current calls, groups, and meta information on the current cell and neighbour cell. It also appears that it has been updated to allow for multiple SDR# TETRA decoder instances to be opened simultaneously now for wider band monitoring.

SDR# TETRA Plugin Net Info Window
SDR# TETRA Plugin Net Info Window


  1. Philp

    O have this latest version as 06/06/18 working correctly, what is the significance of the frequency shown in blue in th plugin, is that the current voice channel, as opposed to control channel?

  2. DT

    All working excellently here thanks.

    I too like Bobber would like to record. In what format do you type the rules?

  3. M&M

    Can anybody help me? I put the files in the SDR folder..Start SDR, go to the Frequency and when i click on Demodulator, Sdrsharp stop working and close 🙁

  4. Bobber

    Has anybody been successful getting the recording option to work? I have not. Everything else seems to work fantastically! Thank you for your work on this.

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